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    When I signed up for T-Mobile from AT&T, the representative mentioned they would still honor the 15% discount I received for being a state employee.  I recruited my sister and brother in law for the 4-line TMo One plan who were also receiving a 15% discount for being military.  So far, I'm not sure how to add this 15% discount to my plan.  I've been directed to the TMo Advantage page, but that only indicates there would be a $25 gift card per line that is activated.  When I check my status, it shows 2-$25 cards pending, but I activated 4-lines.


    Am I eligible for this (and only this) offer each year? And is it only for 2-lines because I pay for 2 in the TMo One and the other 2 lines are "2-AAL's for the price one 1"? Can I add the state/government 15% discount to the TMo One plan as I was told when I ordered?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: 15% State or Government Discount

        Happy Friday!


        First off, welcome to T-Mobile and thanks for bringing along a few family members. It sounds like there is some confusion on the Government discount and the Advantage Program. The current T-Mobile ONE plans are not eligible for any government/corporate discounts. I'm truly sorry you were misinformed of this. There is no way we can get it added onto your current plan. As far as the $25 gift cards go, from the information I have available to me, there is no maximum amount of gift cards allowed within a period of time as long as qualifications are met. Did your sister and brother-in-law purchase new devices when they activated their lines? Also, did they port into T-Mobile or just transfer over to your account?

        • budgetgal

          Re: 15% State or Government Discount

          I added a sixth line to my Simple Choice North American 10g plan in April 2017, and when the next bill came, my 15% government employee discount was gone.  Customer Service in Colorado Springs told me that it should NOT have dropped off and twice gave me equivalent credit as they worked to restore it.   But I got a voicemail this week from someone identifying himself as Kevin, who stated that the discount will not be restored as my plan is not eligible for a discount, regardless of the fact that one has been applied since day one (12 years ago).  Is there a way to appeal this decision?  I'm a 12-year customer with gradually expanding service and no late payments.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: 15% State or Government Discount

              Hello, budgetgal!


              First off, 12 years is quite a bit of time to devote to a single wireless company! Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. That being said, a voicemail stating that your discount won't be reapplied isn't satisfactory, in my opinion. 15% adds up every month and from reviewing the promotion on the plan you referenced, your account should still be eligible. Yes, you have every right to appeal this decision. One thing I want to point out is that I do not have access to view your account which means I can't see if there are any other reasons why the discount would be removed. If it was removed simply for adding an additional line, this should be corrected. I recommend getting back in touch with Customer Care or contact our T-Force team via social media (using the links in my signature). What will likely have to happen is a representative will review your account for eligibility then have to escalate the request to have it added back on.


              Once you reach out to Customer Care or T-Force, feel free to update this thread with the outcome!

                • magenta2227004

                  Re: 15% State or Government Discount

                  I am an government employee. I have been battling with getting the 15% discount. I turned everything in in 12/2016, which then said I did it wrong, did it again in 02/2017, 5/2017, 7/2017. I contacted migrations through email which they are telling me my Simple Choice North America 10gb plan does not qualify for the discount, even though I have had it before and also my husband has called to make sure it processed which then they manually credited our account. If I'm reading all this posts right with customers with the same Simple Choice North America 10gb plan as I have, why am I being told that mine does not qualify? Not only did I get a response back, it also seems they don't read clearly since they addressed me as Ralph when my name is Jennifer. I don't understand why I received it before and when we have called they manually give the credit, but when you send the information in, they say you don't qualify, you can call customer service to change your rate plan.