Fraudulent Practices - any help getting a billing issue resolved?


    September 2, 2016, I walked into a store in Seattle to look at options for changing carriers from AT&T to T-Mobile.  While at the store I became interested in the Samsung J7 for myself and my partner.  There was a sign on the phone stating "Ask how you can get this phone for free", so I did.  I was told I could get the phones (two) for free by signing up for a higher price plan that I was interested in, and I would be billed $10.00 per phone, and receive a credit of $10.00 per phone each month.  When I received my first bill, I saw the $10 per phone charge and no offsetting credit.  I went into the store and inquired about the credit, and was told that the credit would take up to 60 days to appear on the bill, but I could call Customer Service and have the bill adjusted.  I did so, the next month no credit, so I called Customer Service again and was again told the credit could take up to 60 days.  The following month again, no credit, and I was told by the agent, that they would investigate the issue.  The following month again, same story...  Then the next month I called and explained what has been happening and the agent put me on hold to investigate.  He came back to the phone and told me that the agent who sold me the phone had put me on the wrong plan, AND the promotion would not have started for another week after the purchase of the phone, so since I purchased the phones BEFORE the promotion I was not eligible.  I was told to go back to the original store and I did,  explained the situation, and was assured that the issue would be resolved. The problem was not resolved, I no longer was able to contact the agent at the store.  So the following month I went back to the store and talked to the store manager, and was assured the problem would be resolved.  Two months later STILL NO RESOLUTION.  I have invested way too much of my time to resolve this issue, and have run out of ideas.  I also went into the store to change plans to the T-Mobile One plan,  they also added features I did not request, and I had them remove them but was still billed for one day of service for these features.  I also asked about using my phone in Italy in about 45 days, and was told my plan would cover that.   I then realized when I received my next bill the had put a feature on each line at a cost of $25.00 per month.  Since I was planning on going to Europe in 15 days, I decided to go ahead and keep the service until I returned.  When I went to remove the feature, I must have made an error and it did not drop off my bill.  So I was billed another month for $50.00.  When I successfully removed the feature, I found that the feature would not drop off for another month since I had just started a new billing cycle.  Every carrier I have used including AT&T would pro-rate a feature you no longer wanted.  I have had incredibly horrible customer service with T-Mobile. and which I had never switched from AT&T.  As much as I disliked dealing with AT&T, T-Mobile has proven to be worse.  I still am paying $20 per month for the two phones, and I just have run out of ways to resolve this issue.  I have spent more time and money on getting it resolved than if I would have bought the phones outright.

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