Maximum Number of Devices Error


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 (unlocked version, not T-Mobile branded) and have the Digits app installed.


    When I try to log in on the Digits app, I get an error that says you have signed into the maximum number of devices for this line.  Please sign out of one or more of your other devices in order to gain access to lines on this device.  I have previously been able to log in on the phone, this is a new error.


    But, I can still log in/log out of Digits using the Windows PC and browser version and those don't tell me I'm signed in on too many devices.  I'm currently logged out of both of those and I still can't log in via the Android app.


    If I go into the manage my lines section on the website , I see no entries at all under either devices or other devices.


    Any idea how I can get Digits to work again on my phone?

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