Voicemail Notifcation - Digits


    I am using a Galaxy S8+ with my primary carrier number set-up with visual VM and two additional digit lines.  One digit line (call it my work #) is only associated with my phone and the other digit line (call it home) is associated with my phone and one other.


    Calls made to my primary carrier number work fine and I receive a notification of a VM.  That VM also shows up in the Visual VM app on my phone- No issues.


    Calls made to my work digit line show up as a missed call but I don't receive a notification of a VM and they don't show up visual VM.  I make an assumption that a caller left a VM and long touch keypad 1 and I can check my VM's.   The VMs do however show up in the web based digit app that I use to text while on my computer.


    I have the same issue on the Home digit line, but an additional question of how to set it up for access / notification when multiple phones have access?





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