You are not eligible, only selected subscribers are eligible




    I am getting the following error when attempting to log into the DIGITS desktop app with my virtual digits:


    "You are not eligible, only selected subscribers are eligible".


    Does anyone know what would cause that error?

    If I log in with my primary (physical SIM) digits/user and register virtual digits, then the virtual digits work fine in the DIGITS app.  However, my understanding was that I could add a user to the virtual digits have that user log in separately.  If I have to log in or provide my primary credentials for the virtual digits, then what is the benefit of adding a user to the virtual digits?


    Thank you.

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      • debjitjdv

        Yes your understanding is perfectly ok. But you need to go through something first:


        1. Do you have an existing T-Mo ID associated with the email ID for the other user? Remember this other user T-Mo ID is different than the primary credentials.
        2. If you do not, you need to create a T-Mo ID for that user and then assign the newly created T-Mo ID to the VIRTUAL DIGITS.
        3. You can only assign a valid T-Mo ID as an user to a VIRTUAL line.

        Please let me know if you have any other questions.

          • hltnhd

            Thank you for the response.  If I attempt to create a T-MO ID for these particualar VIRTUAL DIGITS, I get an error saying, "The email is already registered to a T-Mobile ID. Please try another email or enter the password for"... where is replacing my actual email address for privacy.  This error occurs regardless of which email address I try.  I've even created new email addresses and I still get the same error. This appears to be an issue associated with just one of my VIRTUAL DIGITS (I have other lines on the account), but I don't know how to resolve the issue.  I was able to create a T-MO ID for my other VIRTUAL DIGITS with no problems.


            Thank you.

              • tmo_amanda

                Hey, hltnhd!


                T-Mobile ID's aren't necessary for each of your virtual lines. Instead, you'll want to log in to your MyT-Mobile account then follow these steps. Give that a shot and let me know if everything is good to go.

                  • hltnhd

                    Thank you for the responses.  Just to clarify, I do understand that each virtual line does not need it's own T-Mo ID.  Using my on primary ID with the virtual digits has always worked fine.  However, I was trying to take advantage of ability to add a user to a set of virtual digits and then give that new user access to those digits.  The new user does need their own T-Mo ID.  It turns out this was a technical issue.  Even though I had the correct password login/password for the new user, forcing a password reset (by having T-Mo send a email to the new user with a link to reset it) fixed all the issues.


                    Thanks again for all the help!