I complied with the T-Mobile iPhone 7 trade in offered back in September 2016.  T-Mobile acknowledged that it received my UPS package via the tracking number from the prepaid label it provided me to return my iPhone 6 plus on 9/28/2016.  I have subsequently had to call every month since to deal with the incorrect charges being applied to my bill since T-Mobile cannot locate my phone at its warehouse.  What kind of sloppy, disorganized process did they use to handle this???


    After dealing with 20+ representatives and no less than 10+ supervisors and many many handset research tickets, TODAY (June 19, 2017), T-mobile advises me that my phone is being used by another phone number (a T-Mobile line) and that there's nothing they can do about it.  I was also advised that I owe the remaining balance on the iPhone 7 as a result of MY failure to comply with T-Mobile's trade in terms-- this is truly UNBELIEVABLE. 


    I am in disbelief over the truly terrible customer service that T-Mobile provides.  It is unprofessional and unacceptable.  I am looking into my legal remedies regarding this incident, both civilly and criminally.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Wow magenta1924183 , that's a shocker to be hit with something like this after it's been so long since you've sent the phone in. Just to be clear, this phone isn't being used by another phone on your account, right? I know it's been a while since you sent in the device but do you remember if it was sent to an address in TX or PA? The reason I ask is because if the phone isn't shipped to Assurant in PA, the device may not show up as being delivered to us. There is an escalation path to resolve it, but it would be through a handset research form. The trouble is, here on support, we don't have the tools to look at this further and get a resolution. You could try running this by our T-Force team through the social links on our Contact Us. That have what's needed to revisit this and look at escalating this. They are a great resource if you haven't contacted them already. My apologies this has been such a hassle but We do appreciate you coming to support to tell us your story.