How to use an international sim to have an international phone number plus Digits line on my phone?


    My Setup:

    HTC one M8 with foreign SIM, and also Digits app installed (issue is with phone)

    Apple iPad Mini with Digits app installed


    I'm traveling right now in a country thats not a part of SimpleGlobal plan.  I have a local sim with 4G in this country (Lebanon), and I have my US number setup on Digits.


    On my iPad, I'm able to use digits fine.  However, on my phone I'm only able to get it to work when in airplane mode with Wi-fi turned ON.

    1. When I put the new SIM (Lebanese SIM) in my phone, the Digits app detected a SIM card change.  First of all, I find this step unnecessary, why even detect the sim card change?  What does it matter what sim card is inserted in my device?  The whole point of digits is to remove the need for the SIM right?  You're making it so that the phone number doesn't have to be tied to a SIM anymore, yet if the SIM isn't a registered one it won't work.
    2. Once the new SIM is in, when I try to activate my line it won't ever activate.  It will keep trying, it will even log me into the app, but the line will never become active.  I've tried every single way, and the only way to get it to work is to have the phone not connect to the network (hence airplane mode works).


    My issues are two fold:

    1. I don't see why I can't use the 4G network in Lebanon to place calls/send sms etc, basically to use digits on the 4g network.  Can you explain?
    2. I don't see why I can't use a wifi connection, while the phone is connected to the local cell towers to use digits.  I'm only able to connect to digits when the phone is not connected to the cellular networks (airplane mode).  In the US this works, I can connect to the local cell tower and to wifi at the same time, and it will prioritize.  However here, it looks like it always prioritizes the SIM, so even if you are connected on wifi, if there is a SIM installed it won't connect to the network if the SIM is not one of the Tmobile registered lines.  Can you explain?  Is this a bug I discovered or is it meant to work like this?


    I would like to be able to receive and also send calls/sms while roaming around the country on the 4G network.  If that is not possible due to restrictions, I would like to be able to use this on wifi at least without putting airplane mode.  This should be possible since it works on the ipad this way.

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