Guidelines for posting in Community


    Folks, I have seen many of you are new to DIGITS. DIGITS have tremendous potential as by now you have understood or realized. Here lots of T-Mo support admins and several members including myself are trying to help you folks at our best possible ability so that you can enjoy DIGITS to its fullest extent. But we are facing issues while trying to resolve concerns due to lack of several basic information regarding your scenario. Please remember each scenario is very specific to you and we don't know the exact scenario unless you tell us so.


    So, please follow the guidelines:


    1. What OS platform are you using for DIGITS? Android / iOS / Windows / Mac OS
    2. What device are you using? Samsung / LG / Android / iPhone / iPad / Tablet / PC / Mac
    3. What kind of DIGITS are you using? Samsung / LG in built DIGITS / DIGITS Android / iOS app / PC or Mac Client
    4. If using DIGITS app, what is your app version? Do you have the latest one from Play Store / App store?
    5. A brief to the point description of your problem
    6. Please use screenshots with personal info blacked out as a picture speaks a thousand words and causes less confusion
    7. And last but not the least, when any admin or community member suggest you a solution, PLEASE PLEASE GET BACK TO THE POST TO WRITE YOUR EXPERIENCE. It will just not help other community members who are having same issues but also will help admins and the other members to know which solutions are working and which solutions need to be pruned out. I have seen several posts where admins and or community members have suggested but no replies received even after several requests. This is bad for a support community


    Hope you folks will be able to see my point.