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Frustrated with Poor Customer Service


    I am on my 3rd warranty device, it is experiencing bad software not communicating to hardware, which was the last 2 device issues that caused the 2 previous warranty exchange. I'm so frustrated with Customer Service Agents using their soft skills, such as sympathy. If you had sympathy and related to me, your agents would be going above and beyond. I expect a different device because the device I have is an LG G4, with 3 exchanges through warranty isn't resolving the issue. Customer service reps have advised me to contact LG, that is frustrating due to the fact that T-moblie should stand by their products since they sell them. They are saying that they're great products by selling them, however telling me to contact LG is pushing me off to the manufacture. If the device was non-defective the 1st warranty exchange.2nd warranty, or even the 3rd warranty exchange i'm sure I wouldn't be posting this. I am frustrated that I am having to posting this, which yes is my choice, but I will not settle for poor customer service. Another reason i'm posting is because I have reached out several times in a resolution to work with Tmobile to get my device software resolved. The other option T-mobile offers me is the Jump Leasing program, which would have an 18 month term of 30ish dollars added to my bill monthly. Why would a person get into another contract for a different device, that they have to pay for, when Tmobile isn't providing me with working device no fault of my own. when speaking with the rep the 2nd warranty exchange, she stated that I have less than $20 bucks on my lease, so I had removed the phone insurance, and as speaking with the recent agent, she said I didn't qualify for that JUMP program because I had removed the insurance, why wasn't I provided the effects of removing the insurance when I made that choice, if the rep that I spoke with when removing the phone insurance would have told me about losing the eligibility on the other JUMP program, I would have made a difference choice, being so close to the end of the leasing program. I don't feel like I was given all the important information to make an informed decision.


    Then the last agent I spoke with told me she'd offer me the $5 fee that is charged for the device exchange for a warranty claim (i've paid this 3x's already) when I asked how would I get the device sent directly to me since the previous times the device gets sent to the store and she state's that its the same process, and that they would credit me the $5 fee to my bill. I have to take time out of my day to get a device reset back up, and make sure the info is backed up prior to processing the exchange, I'm thinking about text messages and data that is non-transferable that is gone each time i've done an exchange, that's 3'x.  I expect better customer service to understand what i've been through, and giving me an option that i've paid 3xs for, but waiving the fee, is unacceptable when the warranty exchanges are to no fault of my own. I've even read the warranty sheet that comes with the warranty replacement devices states they have 60 days yet when you speak with a Tmobile rep, you have to pay more money for the cost of doing another exchange. Community

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Frustrated with Poor Customer Service

        It sucks that you have had to go through that many exchanges but it is really on LG unfortunately.  If you buy a product from Best Buy once you are past the return period unless you have their "service plan" they are going to just refer you to the manufacturer and not even offer you the warranty exchange that TMO does on behalf of the device manufacturers.   You mention that T-Mobile should stand behind their product but the LG is no more "their" product than the iPhone is their product, they are just resellers like any electronic store albeit with some slight customization for each carrier.   You might want to reach out to LG and see if they have any other options they are willing to offer especially with the known boot loop issue with the G4. 

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Frustrated with Poor Customer Service

          Hey furywithfire,


          Having to replace a phone is no fun and having to replace it 3 times is just plain wrong. As the carrier, we honor the manufacturer's warranty and replace the device as they would if you were to go through them. This replacement is for the same make/model and we actually send you the device first as to minimize downtime without a phone. Going through LG, you will need to send your phone in to them first to repair it as they will be sending you back your same device.


          As for removing insurance from your line, if you are on a JUMP On demand lease, this will not impact your ability to upgrade as having insurance on your line is not a requirement for our lease type upgrade. If you are on a 24 month equipment installment plan, you would need to have the JUMP feature on your account in order to trade in your phone (once it is %50 paid off) to be able to upgrade to a new device and have the remainder owed on the current device zeroed out.


          Do you know if you have a JUMP On demand lease for your LG or are you on the 24 month installment plan?

          • Believe me, I've had the same thing with my G4 and other returns. All carriers do this thing where they replace only with same make and model. Verizon never charged me but they might now. T-Mobile charged $5 each time I exchanged. $20 if you don't have handset insurance.


            I even checked the trade in value for my G4......$15. Exactly the amount I had spent on exchange fees. But somehow my ZTE $100 phone was worth $45. The G4 was definitely a sore spot for carriers and LG.


            In the end, since nothing could be done about my G4, and no one would buy it, it resides in a junk drawer now.


            $500 for 1 years use of a phone. Plus the purchase of another phone which has already been replaced. And....a new EIP on another. So in a years time I spent near $1000 On 2 phones and started an EIP on a 3rd.


            I can understand some frustrations on your part.

            • tmo_chris

              Re: Frustrated with Poor Customer Service

              Just checking in here to see if you had a chance to read over my reply to you.