Not using service for a few months


    I am going to be out of the USA till mid-August, during which time I will not be using my mobile phone. My T-Mobile account is a post-paid one, that has to topped up to the tune of $30 a month in order to keep the service going.


    Now topping it up while I am away would be a waste of money - I will top it up when I return. What worries me is whether T-Mobile can decide, after a while, that my phone number is not being used any longer, and therefore take it away from me, in order to assign it to somebody else. I guess this would be legitimate, if I were going to be gone for a long time - say, over a year. Can it happen over just two months?


    More to the point, anybody know what is T-Mobile's policy in this respect? I called their support number, and was told that it would be fine; that is, that when I come back in August and top up my account, I will be able to carry on using my phone exactly as before. However, since I had to describe the situation three times to the support person, I am not positive that she understood the core of the question.


    Any feedback on this issue would be much appreciated.

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