SyncUP - Disturbance Notification Lists Wrong Car


    I recently used my SyncUP device in a Ford Mustang rental car while on vacation.  I have since returned home, and deleted this car from my account profile and only my Smart Fortwo car remains.  However when a disturbance is occurring on the Smart Fortwo, I am receiving an alert that indicates "A disturbance has been recorded for your Ford Mustang."  That car doesn't even exist in my profile anymore.






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      • tmo_mike_c

        Wow, that's super weird. Have you tried clearing the cache and data for the app to see if that helps? Please keep us posted. I'd really like to know if you were able to get this resolved or if you still need help. Thanks!

          • magenta1862282

            I don't find any option within the app to "clear the cache and data" as you indicate above.  However, the app based on your request from my other posting, the app was deleted and reinstalled and I am awaiting to receive another disturbance alert to determine if the issue still exists.  Right now there seems to be an issue with the device not connecting to the network.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Hmm, okay. How did you navigate to the place where you had the option to uninstall the app? Were you using a phone, or some other display? You mentioned it having trouble connecting to the network. Are you getting an error message and if so, what does it say?

                  • magenta1862282

                    You don't navigate anywhere.  On an iPhone you just hold down on the app icon on the home screen and then click the 'X" to delete wants the icons start wiggling.


                    Regarding the network issue, what I meant was that the SyncUP device would NOT connect to the T-Mobile network earlier when I went on my drive.  I removed it from the OBD port then reinserted it, and it would still not connect.  I pushed the reset button and still no luck.  Finally an hour or two later it connected to the network on it's own and I received alerts.  This issue appears to have now been resolved, but I should NOT have had to delete/reinstall the application to fix this issue.  There is clearly a system defect here that needs to be researched and corrected by the software development team.

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Hey, magenta1862282. It looks like there was actually a network outage for SyncUp during the time period of this second post. Our engineering teams have it marked as resolved -- but I wanted to make sure everything's still going OK. I know that tmo_mike_c PMed you to collect some information to forward to our SyncUp teams on your other thread -- did we make sure to also grab info about the device not letting go of the Mustang even after you deleted it?


                        - Marissa

                • tmo_amanda

                  Happy Friday, magenta1862282!


                  Is everything functioning properly with your SyncUP now? As Marissa mentioned above, there was a known issue with this but it should be good to go now.

                  • magenta1862282

                    The network issue is resolved, and i have resolved the issue with the incorrect name being displayed in disturbance notifications, but i had to DELETE and the RE-INSTALL the app and I should not have had to do this to fix the issue.  This device/app indicates it can be used in multiple vehicles, so the issue of when it is moved from one to another needs to be researched as it seems to send notifications displaying the wrong car when it is moved to a new device.