Fake system - Very Bad Customer Service


    I want to ask something


    If I want to give authority to somebody and customer service insist on making trouble and didn't support dropped the calls 2 times and when I ask to make escalation they refuse to give me complain number and they telling me they will make internal investigation



    they deal with us like babies


    so to whom we should complain and who care and who can help


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      • artart

        Re: Fake system - Very Bad Customer Service

        To androw4jc


        Hi Andrew

        Welcome to the forum.

        You can complain to me.

        I care and I want to help.


        I am not a T-Mobile employee but I have been a customer of T-Mo's for a very long time. There are a lot of very helpful people here in this forum. Most are just other customers like you and me. Some are T-Mobile employees who are called Community Managers.


        I am going to try to help you so that others with more expertise and knowledge than I have will be able to help you solve your problem. I am having difficulty understanding the problem you are having. You seem to have more than one problem. I usually can understand things better when someone explains things step by step. I would really like it if you can make me a list of what is wrong.



        Let me know what I am understanding correctly

        and where I am misunderstanding you.


        1. You said: "If I want to give authority to somebody"

        Does that mean you want to authorize somebody to do something? Who do you want to give authority to? What do you want that person to be authorized to do?


        2. You said: "customer service insist on making trouble"

        What kind of trouble was customer support trying to make?


        3. You said: "customer service didn't support"

        Do you feel that customer service didn't provide proper support?


        4. You said: "dropped  the calls 2 times"

        Does that mean that your calls to customer support dropped twice? Did the phone go dead while you were trying to talk.


        5. You said: " I asked to make escalation"

        Just what issue were you trying to escalate?


        6. You said  " they telling me they will make internal investigation"

        What is being investigated?


        If you answer some of these questions, we will try our best to help.


        We do care.



        • artart

          Re: Fake system - Very Bad Customer Service

          Wow  androw4jc

          That's the first time anybody marked my question as correct when I didn't provide an answer yet.

          If you work on providing some answers to the questions I have asked , we can be able to really provide some "correct answers".