How to fix wrong plan at signup


    I switched from ATT to TMobile to get an advertised Christmas special via the phone. After going through all the details on the phone the rep emailed me the plan document.  I was still on the phone with her and immediately told her the document plan she set me looked nothing like the special we had just discussed. She told me it would take three-four weeks to go into effect, so I said OK.  At that time, I also signed up for automatic payments to get a discount. I never got the special, I never got the automatic pay discount (even though they are pulling my payment out of my account automatically each month) and I am paying a lot more than I was at ATT.  I have called each month for the last six months trying to get this resolved....but each time nothing happens.   I am sort of in shock that TMobile can't get this resolved.   You would think they must have a record of my monthly phone calls on my account.  I even had a rep tell me I was not paying automatically...which should be very easy to verify.  So here is my there any way to contact someone at TMobile that can really fix stuff? Is this really how TMobile is...advertise a special and just not give it to you?

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      • artart

        Re: How to fix wrong plan at signup

        Hi magenta1893852

        Welcome to the T-Mobile Community Support Forum.


        If you are comfortable with an online chat

        method for problem resolution; in order to get the quickest resolution at this point, I believe that you should contact T-Mobile's T-Force Team via facebook.  That is a team of experts dedicated to solving difficult problems that T-Mobile customers are having. The Force can access your account and is able to resolve issues 24 hrs a day. You will have a permanent record of what you said, and more importantly, what the T-Force rep said (and promised). Here is a link to T-Mobile on facebook


        Once you are on the T-Mobile facebook page, to reach T-Force, look in the upper right corner of the page. In the about section, you will see "Contact T-Mobile on Messenger". I just say "Hello" and wait for a rep to greet me. A rep might respond immediately or take as long as 15 minutes. If you want to try using T-Force, you have the added benefit of writing out what your issue is prior to initiating your chat session. Just copy and paste. Your initial post in this discussion thread should do nicely to explain your problem.


        I am but another customer like you.  Although there are T-Mobile Community Managers overseeing this forum, they have no way of accessing your records, but T-Force can access your account, override system glitches, cut red tape and provide quick solutions.   


        If you decide to try T-Force as your next step, please check back with us to let us know how it went.




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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: How to fix wrong plan at signup

          Oh man, that's brutal magenta1893852 . Sorry to hear you've had to call in so much to get this resolved. We run a lot of promos and I'm curious, which one did you opt for exactly? What was the last thing we mentioned to you the last time you called? The suggestion of reaching out to T-Force is good idea. Please let us know the results if you went that route. Thank you.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: How to fix wrong plan at signup

            Hey there, magenta1893852. We just wanted to check in here and see how you were doing. Did you have an opportunity to take a look at the questions Mike asked above, or have you reached out to our T-Force team? We'd love to help out if we can, please let us know how you're doing!


            - Marissa