Summer Selfie Contest




    Hey, T-Mobile Support Community!


    If you are here, you probably saw our blog about the Summer Selfie Contest! This is where you'll post your summer-themed selfies for a chance to win a sweet T-Mobile selfie stick (pictured here), as well as fame* and fortune**. 




    How to play

    1. Snap a selfie showing how you are celebrating summer
    2. Post your selfie in the comments below
    3. Receive "likes" from other users



    1. You must be 18 to enter.  T-Mobile employees aren’t eligible to win this contest -- sorry, team!
    2. You can start submitting your selfies now.  Selfies must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on 7/19 to be eligible.  Limit one post per person.  If you post more than one selfie, only the first selfie you submitted is eligible.
    3. You must "like" at least one other person's selfie.
    4. During the winter, you can put on layer after layer to get warm but in the summer, you can only take off so many layers before it gets weird, so remember to keep your selfies PG.
    5. Your post and selfies need to comply with our Community Usage Guidelines.
    6. See full rules and details here.


    So, bust out your cameras, put on your duck faces and get to snapping those selfies!




    * Fame = Community Mission Badge

    ** Fortune = 50 Community points, no actual value in USD (or any other currency that we're aware of, for that matter)

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