Paired SIM with existing line


    Is it possible to use a paired SIM in my existing line I got with the "This One's on Us" promotion several months ago? I use the phone in my car with Android Auto (with data for Google Maps and streaming audio), and the Digits app won't do me any good, as it won't receive or dial out from my primary number through Android Auto, nor receive texts to that primary number. I believe that I could get  some sort of "Paired with Digits" SIM, but I don't need an additional line (nor the additional cost). I really would like this already-existing phone and line simply to share the same number as my primary line with its unlimited talk, text, and data.


    I would be grateful if someone could explain what my options would be for this and how to get it done. Thanks.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Paired SIM with existing line

        Hey there! It sounds like what you need is a "Data with paired DIGITS" line. This would allow you to get a SIM card that duplicates your primary number that you can put in the phone you keep in your car. This line does have a monthly fee based on your plan but you may be able to just cancel out that line you have for the "car phone" now to help even out the cost. I would recommend that you Contact Us so we can take a look at your account and ensure that 1) You are eligible to add a Data with paired DIGITS line and 2) canceling the current "car phone" line will not impact any of your current promotions.