Is it me or does service go from okay to dismall past 10pm


    I spoke with two different customer service reps over the phone earlier this evening and it felt as though i needed to get a book how to speak idiot... 


    I explained to idiot 2 that my battery will not charge and that i have already filed the claim online and it requires me to call them..    Idiot 2, transfered me to the automated claim filing system..  I filed and then it referred me to call the same Idiots that just transferred me to the automated service.


    They are definitely outsourced and have very little understanding of anything.  Their great script readers but poor follow through or critical thinking...


    I am going to the store tomorrow FUN!!  Hopefully their not reading from a script....  I AM SOOOOO PISSED OFFF

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        Hi magenta1887953

        Welcome to the T-Mobile Support Community

        So sorry that you are having problems obtaining the service you need from T-Mobile. Most of us here are customers like yourself. Over the years some of us have also received slightly less than perfect service. It does occasionally happen in all companies as large as T-Mobile. That is why T-Mobile has a redundant array of customer support options. It even provides this forum for customers like you and me to offer help to each other.


        I have been a T-Mo customer for quite a long time.

        I have had my ups and downs with customer support. No matter how negative my experience was, T-Mobile was always able to bring any problem I might have had to an amicable solution.


        I have had some issues with off shore customer support.

        For the most part I found the off shore reps were enthusiastic, courteous, and really wanted to help me. Unfortunately at times, the rep either didn't understand my issue or was unable to provide a solution. I do feel your pain.


        Although I at times felt that the rep was lacking in understanding or knowledge,  I never felt that the representative  was lacking intelligence. People form cultures other than ours, who don't speak the same dialect of the English language, might not seem to be on the same page when we are trying to explain what to us are really simple concepts.  I do feel your pain.


        Many companies who used to provide 24 hr support no longer do.

        T-Mobile, is at least providing access 24 hours a day. I found that in an emergency, being able to reach a T-Mobile rep at 3 am was better than getting a recording that the office was closed and I will have to call back during business hours. If I had to call overnight for an urgent issue that couldn't wait till morning, I found that I could always be transferred to stateside a tech support specialist or supervisor.


        I for one do understand and empathize with your frustration.

        I say empathize instead of sympathize, because the former is a heartfelt understanding of what it feels like to go through the experience you are having. In this forum not only the members, but also the T-Mobile community managers empathize with customers in your predicament. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. T-Mobile does listen to feedback and I am sure concerns such as yours are constantly being taken in to consideration as T-Mo is constantly refining their customer support system.


        Although you didn't ask for advice,

        I would just like to offer my own personal suggestion.  I would give phone support one more shot during regular business hours, before going to the store. Although the salespeople at the store might actually be able to help you, I have found the T-Mobile phone support service has usually provided better results.


        If you are comfortable with an online chat

        method for problem resolution, you might try contacting T-Force on facebook. That is a team of experts dedicated to solving difficult problems that T-Mobile customers are having. The Force can access your account and is able to resolve issues 24 hrs a day. You will have a permanent record of what you said, and more importantly, what the T-Force rep said (and promised). Here is a link to T-Mobile on facebook .


        Once you are on the T-Mobile facebook page, to reach T-Force, look in the upper right corner of the page. In the about section, you will see "Contact T-Mobile on Messenger". I just say "Hello" and wait for a rep to greet me. A rep might respond immediately or take as long as 15 minutes. The wait is definitely not any longer than a wait you might experience in a store when it is busy.  If you want to try using T-Force, you have the added benefit of writing out what your issue is prior to initiating your chat session. Just copy and paste.



        The great thing about T-Mobile customer support

        is that we have choices in the manner we choose to receive help. Here is my list of who I prefer to contact in order of my preference.


        1. Community Support Forum (right here)

        General questions about services, network coverage, phones and other devices. Finding solutions to technical problems that can't be found elsewhere. Seeking suggestion of where else to find solutions, that can't be provided in this forum.


        2. T-Mobile Phone Support during stateside business hours

        All matters concerning accounts, billing, rebates, refunds, returns, warranty issues.


        3. T-Force facebook support (24 hrs)

        There is a written record of all conversations. All the same issues may be addressed that would normally be addressed by phone support.


        4. T-Mobile Phone after normal stateside business hours.

        The is my last choice. I only use this option if I have an immediate problem to be addressed.



        Please come back and let us know if your problem is solved.

        If your problem remains unsolved, definitely touch base with us and let us know. You will get further advice of what to do next. Rest assured that you will get resolution to your problem.