Digits and Bluetooth?


    I have my digits setup on one of my previously used phones and when I receive a call, it doesn't ring through bluetooth? Anyway to setup the program to be able to do that? I know that Google talk rings through bluetooth, so I know it seems possible. Any suggestions?

    This android, version 7 through an Alcatel phone. I know that the phone is setup with blue tooth correctly as I have made calls through blue tooth with this phone before.


    Thanks for your suggestions,


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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Digits and Bluetooth?

        Hmm, this is a new one!


        We are going to do some more searching and see what we can find. Have you tried with any other devices to see if the bluetooth works?



        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Digits and Bluetooth?

          Hey, Brandon!


          I just wanted to stop by to see if you're still having this issue. If so, does it work with a different bluetooth device?


          Keep us posted!

            • brandonpa

              Re: Digits and Bluetooth?

              It seems to have solved that issue with the blue tooth and trying on another phone. One feature recommendation is to allow for android to recognize this program as a phone program to be able to dial out of it with blue tooth devices. I only use Google as a reference but I know with Google Hangouts, when I choose a phone number to dial it gives me the option to choose the phone dialer or hangouts. Definitely add that feature to digits so that we can choose that to dial out and this could be a great thing.