June OS Update Broke LTE


    Using Alcatel Idol 4S w/Win10 & loaded up the June release last night.  Was on WiFi so didn't notice until today that LTE is broke.  Have 5 bars but no LTE symbol but more importantly, no data.  Cannot pull up a web page unless I'm on WiFi.  I suspect the load may have stepped on one of SIM settings but don't have time right this sec to spend with support to troubleshoot.  Will advise when/if fixed.


    In the meantime I'll use the Digits clone on my phone iPhone.

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      • atltelcoguy

        Re: June OS Update Broke LTE

        Turned out to be missing internet APN SIM setting.  Found it in the TMo support pages after doing a general web search.  Internet APN = fast.t-mobile.com  This value was erased by the June Windows update.  LTE functionality is back up and working!!