Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL (Win10) Random Reboots


    Starting in the last day or so, my Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL running Windows 10 has rebooted ~ 6 times / day.  No apparent trigger -- battery is charged.  Phone is about two months old.  Update indicates phone is running current software.  Device information screen shot below.  Any ideas on why this is?



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      • kpo6969

        Try a soft reset. Hold power and volume down buttons until it restarts and vibrates. I always do this after an update on my Idol 4s. With only 2GB ram it will need some time to settle down.

          • middlejim

            Thanks kpo6969 for the interest and quick response.  The onset of this issue did coincide with the release date for the OS build 15063.414 from what I can tell.  I would like to know more about the 2GB RAM comment -- how would RAM capacity be a factor?  Is the OS trying to do something bigger than 2GB and resets as a result?


            fyi I applied the soft reset you suggested, and then the issue occurred within a couple minutes.  Maybe I need to keep doing this?  Do you know what the soft reset is actually doing within the phone?


            I've checked the Store/Updates list to see what is recent or pending in terms of app updates, but see no smoking gun.  Is there a log file buried in this phone somewhere that captures these system events?

              • kpo6969

                There have been issues with many Win 10 phones having random reboots.

                As for the ram 2GB may or may not be enough to run effectively depending on how many apps you use and how many background apps you have running.

                The Lumia 950 was released with 3GB ram and my Alcatel Idol 4s with 4GB (HP x3 Elite also has 4GB).


                Look here for more info on your XL and good luck.



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                  • middlejim

                    Thanks kpo6969.  I'll dig into the other forum for info.

                      • middlejim

                        This issue remains OPEN.  I am up to Win 10 build 10.0.15063.483.  Reboots occur ~ 6 times a day depending on usage.  They occur most often while browsing news articles through the MS News, Money, and Sports apps, but have occurred with less complex activities / other apps.  I am mindful of number of apps open at any one time, and try to minimize them so am doubtful this is occurring because my phone RAM is overloaded.  Again, does anyone know of a task manager or system log file buried in this phone that will allow me to determine the state of the phone at the point of reboot?

                          • tmo_amanda

                            Hey, middlejim!


                            I'm not sure how you're able to use your phone. That would continually frustrate me if my phone kept rebooting as often as yours does. I'm really sorry this is happening. To directly answer your question, no I'm not aware of a task manager or system log file on the OneTouch Fierce XL nor have we been notified this is a known issue. I see that you've already tried a few different things to get it to stop rebooting. What I'd like you to try is a master reset, instead of a soft reset. A master reset will completely wipe your phone as if it was brand new. Sometimes this is necessary after a software update which it sounds like may be the cause. Here are the steps to complete a master reset: Device resets: Alcatel ONETOUCH Fierce XL (Windows).


                            Please let me know how your phone is behaving afterwards!

                              • middlejim

                                Thanks for getting back to me Amanda.  I performed the hard reset as instructed, and after an hour or so rebuilding my apps and info, I experienced the reboot while browsing an article through the MS News app.  State of the phone shortly after that in screen shots below.  Battery was at 68%.  Device and SD card storage both less than 50%.  Updates from the various apps were all installed.


                                I had another reboot this morning.  From my engineering background (30 years at Motorola, including high availability base station software development), this smells like a memory leak or other long-term issue that tends to be triggered looking at web content thru the MS aggregator apps News, Money, and Sports.  The issue has occurred during phone calls on two occasions, and that was the last straw.  I could spend a lot of time pulling off apps one at a time to find the offender, but then what?  I would be working for Microsoft or Alcatel on my nickel.  Enough.  Clearly the players did not invest enough time in interoperability test and with a Windows 10 Mobile market share under 5% who can blame them.  I am a MS loyalist with PCs and loved the easy extension of my Win10 PC apps and data to my phone, but without community buy-in (and sales clout), this is a dead end.  This issue remains open.  T-Mobile may be sharing my position as I see they no longer offer this phone.


                                I have ordered an Android phone.


                                Inkedwp_Alcatel Snapshot.jpgwp_ss_Alcatel Memory.png

                                  • tmo_amanda

                                    middlejim, I'm blown away by your tech background and must admit that I cannot even stand close to the experience you have. WOW. With all the steps you have taken and all the tests you have run, I'm out of options of what to try next to get your phone from rebooting randomly throughout the day. My only guess would be that the issue lies within an app but just like you said, it's not your job to test every single app by removing them to find the problem. I'm truly sorry that I wasn't able to get to the bottom of this for you and it does sound like Windows devices are dwindling away. If you have any other questions that I can address, send them my way.