Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL (Win10) Random Reboots


    Starting in the last day or so, my Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL running Windows 10 has rebooted ~ 6 times / day.  No apparent trigger -- battery is charged.  Phone is about two months old.  Update indicates phone is running current software.  Device information screen shot below.  Any ideas on why this is?



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      • kpo6969

        Try a soft reset. Hold power and volume down buttons until it restarts and vibrates. I always do this after an update on my Idol 4s. With only 2GB ram it will need some time to settle down.

          • middlejim

            Thanks kpo6969 for the interest and quick response.  The onset of this issue did coincide with the release date for the OS build 15063.414 from what I can tell.  I would like to know more about the 2GB RAM comment -- how would RAM capacity be a factor?  Is the OS trying to do something bigger than 2GB and resets as a result?


            fyi I applied the soft reset you suggested, and then the issue occurred within a couple minutes.  Maybe I need to keep doing this?  Do you know what the soft reset is actually doing within the phone?


            I've checked the Store/Updates list to see what is recent or pending in terms of app updates, but see no smoking gun.  Is there a log file buried in this phone somewhere that captures these system events?