LG G6 Google functions buggy


    Here's a quick rundown of some of the annoying bugs present on my phone mostly related to the google functions

         1. After creating a reminder, constant verbal "reminder saved" notification after waking up the phone

         2. When watching videos on the chrome os auto rotate functions don't respond properly

         3. After creating and event, constant "event saved" verbal notification when waking up device

    Overall google assistant sucks pretty bad too, the mic hardly ever responds to "ok google" or other functions but this is on a separate thread. Let me know if you guys have any of these bugs present, thanks

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: LG G6 Google functions buggy

        Happy Saturday, georatm!


        None of the three items you listed are "known" issues with the G6. I addressed the Google Assistant issue with the mic in one of your other threads. As far as the auto-rotate issue goes, is it only while using Chrome? Do you have the latest version of the app downloaded?


        I can't speak for the constant notifications for events and reminders that you set. Unfortunately, none of the Community Managers use a LG G6 so we can't personally test it. From reading some of the forums, the accessibility features may be the culprit of constant reminders. I'd give that a shot.

        • georatm

          Re: LG G6 Google functions buggy

          It's very annoying to create and send messages with Google then constantly hearing "message sent" or "reminder saved" after every time I wake up the phone for a about the next 5 minutes. How can I prevent the constant messages after waking up my phone. I'm getting an HTC U11 if my damn G6 doesn't stop bugging out.