IPad Air Unlocked? Carrier switch.


    Am I reading this correct? Are all Apple productS unlocked? i have an iPad that was originaly used on an AT&T network. Now I have T-Mobile and would like to use this newtwork. Is it really a matter of just inserting a T-Mobile sim? btw, T-Mobile site says that my iPad is compatible for the switch. (Sorry if these are silly questions. I'm not tech savvy.)

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: IPad Air Unlocked? Carrier switch.

        There are no such things as silly questions! Typically devices sold by a carrier are going to be locked to their network and would require unlocking before you could use another carriers SIM card in it. I would recommend that you reach out to AT&T just to be sure that it is indeed unlocked and able to use another carriers SIM card. I would hate for you to get your line activated with us and have the SIM card not work right away