i am sure I am not the only one to go through this ordeal for the last few months. I ordered iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 on 12th Sep 2016 during the promotional offer with $0 if iPhone 6/6plus traded in.


    Oct 3rd - phones were delivered. Called customer service to ask how to tr in my old phones. They had no clue about the promotion.  Spoke to multiple customer retention team members who confirmed that the original promotion was not added to the account. Later told me that they will ship the return labels by regular mail


    Around Oct 26th called again to say no labels received. They said they were back logged and sent me the ups return labels on email


    Oct 27th shipped the phones to Coppell TX. Nov 2nd phones were received by Roberts at tmobile warehouse


    Spoke with Customer Retention team again and they said the credit will apply in 1-2 billing cycles


    Spoke again in December - Again customer service had no clue and Customer retention team confirmed and the supervisor sent me an email that the original promotion will be honored

    Feb - told that I am not eligible because phones were returned late. Shared the UPS tracking numbers that show the phones were delivered on 2nd of Nov

    I ask them to listen to the previous calls and investigate. Told me they will call back in 10 days

    no news till March. Again tried in April .. to be told will look into it.

    7th May (again on 16th May). - I repeat my whole story and the customer retention personal said she will fix it and has taken the supervisor's approval and the credit will apply in the next 10 days. only to be told after 20 days that "phone were received by T-Mobile in Feb and it was outside the return window. Hence I am not eligible for the promotion"


    I couldn't believe my ears. I told them that is not true and I even had shared the UPS tracking numbers with them in Feb. they said well that's the response we have gotten and is there anything else I can do for you. I can't believe they would lie on your face and scam you. They told me they had applied $158 credit for iPhone 6 Plus credit for trade in value and guess what, $36 for iPhone 5s. I just can't believe how blatantly T-Mobile will do this to their customer. I regret moving to T-Mobile and now seeking legal course of action. I hope someone senior is reading all this.

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        One suggestion, I know you have already explained your "story" to multiple reps, but would suggest one last attempt at resolving but not thru normal customer service channels but rather thru a group called T-Force.  You can connect with them via FB or Twitter  and you can send pics, docs you have not to mention there is a written record of the conversation.  But most of all they have a really good history of resolving issues and have had a number of folks that were in similar situations that have had success.   Here is a link, then just click on the FB or Twitter link (personally I like the FB set up better)


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