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    Good evening, I am experiencing a problem with my wife's most recent jump. We have jumped a few times before and never encountered this issue. Her S7 Edge was damaged, we filed the claim through Assurant. They offered us the opportunity to receive another S7 edge or go ahead and jump to a new phone. She selected to go ahead and jump to the S8. We received the S8 and promptly returned the S7. Two months later the S7 is still on our account and we are still being charged for it. I spoke with Assurant, they said everything on their end is fine, it is on Tmobile's end. I spoke with Tmobile , they first claimed it will be no problem at all once my device is processed it will be removed from my account as normal. They then claimed they can't find the phone even though I provided the information from the shipping label, the IMEI, and everything else they asked for. Then they changed their story again and decided that I wont receive credit for the phone at all and I will receive  a " discount" on my new phone but still have to continue to pay for my old phone. It seems no one I speak with knows how Jump works or their own insurance policy that I pay 24 dollars a month for. I have all of the documents, I didn't receive a discount on my new S8. Also, why would anyone ever agree to that, to file a claim, jump to a new phone but pay for both phones still? I would simply, file a claim, receive a replacement S7, then take it to the store and jump to the S8 if that is the case. Our last contact resulted in a "supervisor" contacting us, and then first agreeing with the rep that stated we must pay for both phones, then changing his mind and stating we were right, just to change his mind again and in the end saying he has to submit an investigation into why they can't find the phone. This is getting ridiculous.

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      • magenta1801092

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        I have a similar problem, I DEFINITELY FEEL YOUR PAIN.  That said, I have been with the UNCARRIER/T-Mobile since May 1999 when they were VOICESTREAM and have every call documented. I have two recurring problems: ongoing billing issues: we  got an iphone gold 7 128 gig, and traded for another iphone due to screensize. Serial; # 359212074941350,OFFER AMOUNT IS $375.00, return date by 12/14/2016. I returned the device on december 02, 2016.   I have been billed $27.09 EVERY MONTH for the phone since I returned the device---with all reps "claiming" the warehouse can not find the device, and asking how i returned it--UPS, USPS. I advise them in the phone box and used prepaid shipping label. Today on Wednesday, June 14,2017,spoke with Tayyibah in Manchester,England I asked her IF yjeu found the iphone 7 gold 128 Gb jump return pending, said they need to fill out handset device research form –said she is going to fill out NOW @ 06:03am. Said she sent form to handset research dept and they will look into database and they will send me text or email and ALSO IF THEY HAVE CHARGED ME THEY WILL WAIVE FEE WITHIN 78 HOURS, OR SEVEN DAYS.  Please help me with this issue, (each time  one rep credits my acount one month, the next month a different rep adds more charges back on) that said, I also have $44.71 in miscellaneous charges on my bill.

        • tmo_mike_c

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          Yikes, this sure is a real pain! So many different variations of what happened. We definitely need to get this sorted out. I'm really sorry and quite surprised you weren't able to get this resolved after called in. Since this is something we'd need account access for, we're limited as to what we can do here to help. You should give our T-Force team a shot at this. They can be reached through the social media links on our Contact Us page. T-Force is an awesome team that can definitely take a look at this further and make sure the proper escalation path is followed to get this sorted out. My apologies this is such a headache, but I still feel like there's a chance to figure this out for you.


          magenta1801092 , I saw your other post and I think you should follow the same steps as well and get in touch with our T-Force team too.