How do I get a T-Mobile Locked iPhone 6s Plus Unlocked (Second-Hand Device)


    Hi all, a few months back i purchased an iPhone off eBay and thought it was a bargain at £200 (yes i'm from the UK) the screen was broken and the speaker was muffled. I had the screen replaced at apple for £140, i also asked them to check the loud speaker, they came back 1-2 hours later telling me the phone is fixed and everything went as expected but there was a problem, they hadn't checked the loud speaker, when i checked it, it was still muffled, due to this i got a refurbished iPhone as they didn't do as i asked (i know i sound like a horrible customer) so they said they would give me a refurbished iPhone 6s Plus (i was 1 day left of warranty so i was really lucky), the original iPhone's IMEI is now linked to the Refurbished iPhone's IMEI. The iPhone originally had an unpaid bill as i checked online using the T-Mobile IMEI check, it didn't matter to me i was going to use it on WiFi, turns out the owner has since paid off the old iPhone causing the new iPhone to have no unpaid bills and is now a clean iPhone, i can't set up an account on T-Mobile as i don't have T-Mobile sim over here in the UK is there anyway i can get it unlocked as it is a clean iPhone and i'd really like to give it to my mother as a present to use here,   



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