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    I was part of the Digits beta testing and when I first activated Digits back in December, it broke receiving SMS texts on both my wife's and my phone lines when VoLTE is enabled on our Moto G4 phones. It took a few weeks, but after help and discussion with @tmo_chris, things worked perfectly until a few days ago. Now, it is back to the same issue. I can send and receive MMS messages. I can send SMS messages. I just can receive SMS messages when VoLTE is enabled on my phone. When this happened before, it had nothing to do with my SIM card or my APN settings. There was something that needed changed on TMobile's end to fix the issue and it was very much related to Digits. I'm guessing that since the symptoms are exactly the same and nothing has changed on my phone or my wife's phone, something is broken again on Tmobile's end. Could someone please help? Getting SMS messages is an important function!





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      • k_w_eaches

        Re: Receiving SMS Texts not working

        Sounds like exact same issue I'm having as of yesterday. Moto G4+ here.

        Messages only come into the Digits app, not native SMS/MMS anymore.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Receiving SMS Texts not working

          Is the Moto G4 you're primary line? Have you tried removing the app and reinstalling it? Or at least checking to see if there are any updates for the application? Please test that out and let us know how things are going? We really wanna make sure we can get this working properly for you. Thanks!

            • k_w_eaches

              Re: Receiving SMS Texts not working

              Yes. G4 is primary. Problem started before I installed the app. Around 1st week of June.

              Only thing the makes texts/SMS somewhat reliable is disabling enhanced LTE on the phone.

              With it on, I only receive 1 of every dozen or so.


              This is something that has to have changed on the back-end, as it was workign fine on this phone until recently.

              Perhaps late May, definitely early /June....

                • magenta2002910

                  Re: Receiving SMS Texts not working

                  I also stopped receiving SMS texts sometime in the first week of June.  This is on an old phone, LG F6, which doesn't support VoLTE.  I blame Digits because the problem occurred a few days after I installed the Digits app on an LG Stylo (no SIM).  I could send texts out but not receive any, on the primary or on the Digits app.  Uninstalling the app didn't fix the problem.


                  Customer care asked me to put the SIM in the Stylo to see if the problem followed the SIM.  It did, so they told me to get a replacement SIM from a local TMO store (my SIM was a few years old).  That fixed the problem, I'm now getting texts again.  But I'm afraid to reinstall the Digits app because I suspect that's what triggered the problem in the first place.

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Receiving SMS Texts not working

                Hey, Ron!


                I'm sorry it has taken us a few days to get back to you. It sounds like the same issue that was happening back in the beginning of the Beta with VoLTE. The good thing is that our teams are already working on this but need a few more examples. I'm going to send you a private message to collect a few details. You can check your inbox here.

                • k_w_eaches

                  Re: Receiving SMS Texts not working

                  Well, as of Wednesday I found I was still missing texts, so in desperation I switched the SIM back into my old Nexus 5 to see if that helped, which it *seems* to have.

                  Should I try switching back to the Moto G4+ ?