Is there a page on the T-Mobile website that has a comparison chart of ALL the plans T-Mobile currently offers, including postpaid and prepaid? When I go to the "Plans" page all that seems to come up is the advertisement for the T-Mobile One plans.


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      • barcodeable

        Re: List of all plans on one page

        I believe what you are looking for may not be on the T-Mobile website due to T-Mobile focusing on the ONE Plan. I would urge you to search online for a website that compare T-Mobile's available plans. I know a few websites that offer this service but I refuse to promote someone elses website.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: List of all plans on one page

          Sorry kgescobedo  but we don't have a page that has every plan listed on it.  We do have our Plans & services  page that has some info. For example, if you scroll down to our Help Topics section and click on the Plans link, there's a list of the types of plans we have. My apologies if that's not exactly what you need but if there's a specific question about our plans that you need answered, please let us know. Thanks!