Coverage issues in White Mountain Resort NH area


    I have been extremely disappointed in the coverage, or lack thereof,  in the area of the White Mountain Resort NH. This is a popular skiing and recreation area and I can't even make a call or text, let alone any data. This happens ever year on my trips to this part of the sate. I realize that this may seem remote but again this is a very popular tourist destination. The people I stay with can all access their respective carriers. I keep hoping that this will change but I won't hold out any hope.

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      • stevetjr

        What phone are you using, it looks like T-Mobile has launched their Band 12 low band spectrum in that area (aka Extended LTE) which should have help fill in coverage gaps of their higher spectrum bands. 

          • snevetsm

            Every carrier has comically terrible service through most of NH. The huge cities (Manchester, Nashua, Concord) and the seacoast area around Portsmouth have pretty good coverage. Outside of those densely-populated areas, nobody can rely on any mobile carrier.


            The regional hospital (no other hospital for 30 miles in any direction) at which I practice, for example, has almost-usable Sprint coverage in a few select corners here and there, where one can see staff huddled trying to use their phones. That's usually futile, but people keep trying. The entire downtown area of my town is not an area in which one can realistically use any carrier. I still carry a pager.


            It's a hilly state, people don't like to see cell towers, and the population density outside the cities makes this area a very low priority when it comes to building out networks.

          • magenta1798648

            The phone is the LG 90, I realize it's old.

              • stevetjr

                If it is more than a few years old then it wouldn't have Band 12 LTE.  The first phone that came with it was Note 4 and the Galaxy S6 time frame.  Apple was a year late with it and wasn't available in the iPhone until the 6S generation.   I can tell you from personal experience that when I moved to where I lived now due to geography and being completely surrounded by forest my great signal (tower is about a mile and half away) disappeared but thankfully they turned Band 12 on like 2 months later and now have signal.


                It is TMO's policy that any device they sell now, even their lower end devices be Band 12 capable.  My son has the Galaxy J7 and also gets signal here no problem.

                • drnewcomb2

                  The LG L90 has band-12, so that shouldn't be an issue. Are you talking about the White Mountain Hotel & Resort in Conway, NH?  That should have decent coverage. If it's someplace else, you need to be more specific because that's the only "White Mountain Resort" I can find, except the one in South Africa.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Hey magenta1798648!


                    Did you still need help with this? If so, please let us know the specifics of this in relationship to the questions Chris asked. Thank you!

                  • tmo_chris

                    I am not seeing any outages at a high-level here. While there are some thin areas, we have a pretty large chunk of that area covered. Are you having these issues all over the resort or is it more prevalent when you are in a specific location like in the hotel or out on the slopes?


                        No, there aren't large chunks covered--there's almost no service in the northern half of New Hampshire (tested with Pixel, Nexus 6P, Galaxy S6, iPhone 5S), which is the White Mountain region.  I've tested the area extensively with multiple SIM cards from different carriers.  US Cellular, AT&T, and Verizon all get adequate reception.  T-Mobile doesn't get any reception, and roaming doesn't work in that area, for whatever reason.  (I can connect to US Cellular and AT&T towers, but I won't receive an IP address.)


                        Lincoln and Woodstock are a great example this.  There are tons of resorts and hotels in that general area, with lots of tourist traffic.  AT&T and US Cellular SIM cards get reception, while the same devices (listed previously) with a T-Mobile SIM card get nothing.

                      • tmo_chris

                        Hey there. Just checking in here. Let me know the information above and I would be happy to look into this.

                        • 5085173951

                          I am amazed that the replies imply that there should be coverage. No outages? Of course no outages. There's no TMobile coverage anywhere in the White Mountains to have an outage about. I was up there 3 weeks ago. My daughter's iPhone, my HTC, nada. No coverage, only emergency calls and we went all over. It is a huge tourist area and this is why the disappointment is so striking.


                          TMobile, if you think you have coverage in the White Mountains then this too is a striking disappointment in your ability to detect issues.


                          From one side of the Kancamangus Highway to the other (Lincoln to Conway and other areas), nothing. Verizon, my work phone, always had strong coverage. At least let us roam to AT&T! And at least be aware of your coverage areas when providing support.


                          TMobile, go to your own online coverage map and look at Woodstock and Lincoln NH and see the big black hole. Again these are major tourist areas. Then select AT&T or Verizon for comparison and watch the big black hole disappear.

                            • drnewcomb2

                              5085173951 wrote:


                              I am amazed that the replies imply that there should be coverage. No outages? Of course no outages. There's no TMobile coverage anywhere in the White Mountains to have an outage about. I was up there 3 weeks ago. My daughter's iPhone, my HTC, nada. No coverage, only emergency calls and we went all over. It is a huge tourist area and this is why the disappointment is so striking.



                              From one side of the Kancamangus Highway to the other (Lincoln to Conway and other areas), nothing. Verizon, my work phone, always had strong coverage. At least let us roam to AT&T! And at least be aware of your coverage areas when providing support.




                              The initial question was about a specific resort, which we were never able to determine but when I searched for a "White Mountain Resort" there was coverage in the area of what I found. Are there service problems in the White Mountains? Sure. Several years ago I was on top of Mt. Washington and couldn't get a usable signal from either T-Mobile or Verizon.


                              I looked at the Kancamangus Hwy on RootMetrics, According to their data, all the carriers struggle to serve that stretch of road. Verizon seems to have the best service but even that's spotty, maybe dependent on the phone. Other than several scenic overlooks and trailheads,  T-Mobile seems to cover at least to the Loon Mountain Resort. (RootMetrics is Verizon's preferred independent source for coverage data. They're always quoting RootMetrics' reports.)


                              One reason that T-Mobile isn't killing themselves to cover these remote corners of New Hampshire is that USCC LTE roaming was supposed to be working by now.

                                • snevetsm

                                  Forget mountaintops or roads that wind through valleys. Nearly everywhere I go in NH I'm unable to use T-Mobile. I'm a physician and that ends up meaning I can't leave my house (where there's no T-Mobile coverage) when I'm on-call because I might get called and need to drive (along a highway where there's no coverage) to my regional hospital (where there's no coverage). I haven't found anyplace in the town where I live or the town in which my hospital is located where I have usable T-Mobile service. Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular work nearly everyplace in this area. I have no idea about ATT or any other carriers.


                                  Doctors around here still carry beepers because they work and nobody's cellular network is good enough to rely on a mobile phone all the time. However, the CDMA carriers are usable most places. T-Mobile is really only usable in the "big cities".


                                  I'm on-call half the time, so I'm going to need to get a Sprint phone so I can go out for dinner occasionally.


                                  P.S., "Kancamagus" only has one "n".

                                    • drnewcomb2

                                      I checked the coverage maps for AT&T and US Cellular and neither claims to cover all of the Kancamangus Hwy.

                                      If coverage in remote areas of the White Mountains is "mission critical" for you I suggest that you might reconsider your choice of T-Mobile. Or if it's an infrequent event, just do what I do and carry a backup. I pay ~$32/year for a PagePlus PAYG phone, which works on Verizon's CDMA signal. I set a conditional forward (out of service) from my T-Mobile phone to my PagePlus phone. When I have no cellular signal and no WIFi and someone calls me, the call will be forwarded to my PagePlus number.


                                      I can point to remote places where a T-Mobile phone will work but Verizon gets no service. It's just a matter of degree. In New England Verizon is king. It comes from their legacy as a child of the B-side cellular carrier BAM (Bell Atlantic Mobile).

                                        • snevetsm

                                          Support in the northern part of the state is not mission-critical for me. Support where I live and work, just north of the Massachusetts border, is mission-critical. I have absolutely reconsidered my choice of T-Mobile, and I continue to recommend to all my colleagues and patients that they cannot afford to attempt to use T-Mobile outside of major cities (to the extent that we have those in NH) at all.

                                  • dimdim

                                    Lincoln, NH:  despite the fact that T-Mobile coverage map shows coverage in this area, there is absolutely no coverage in Lincoln NH. My family's phones support band 12 (T-Mobile LG G4, Smasung Galaxy S7 and Moto G5 Plus) but from Woodstock, NH (Route 93 exit 30) to Lincoln/ N. Lincoln  NH (Route Exit 33) absolutely no coverage. No single bar on all three cell phones. Same thing is within Lincoln NH: T-Mobile coverage map shoes coverage, but, actually, no coverage at all. Again, all my phones support band 12 and sometimes connect to this band (so, this band enabled).

                                    Receptionist in hotel confirmed that there as absolutely no T-Mobile reception in the area.


                                    Attached problematic area map.


                                    ScreenHunter_293 Dec. 25 17.10.jpg


                                    If there is outage in the area, fix it. If not, fix the map.

                                      • drnewcomb2

                                        Once you zoom in on the map, you'll see that all the coverage around Lincoln, NH is "Fair", which it T-Mobile's way of saying "Maybe if you stand on the roof". The nearest tower seems to be south of Woodstock. & show coverage fading in and out along I-93, around Lincoln, so someone gets service there.  Does T-Mobile need service in Lincoln and along I-93 going north? Yep. The problem here seems to be that US Cellular has good LTE service around there and they were supposed to be T-Mobile's LTE roaming partner, effective early 2017. They have fallen woefully behind, activating VoLTE roaming only in some Midwest markets. T-Mobile probably didn't build out in this area counting on USCC's LTE roaming, which failed to materialize.

                                      • mattywillyroby

                                        In the White Mountain area presenly on a family trip. Staying at the AMC Highland Center (close proximity to The White Mountain Resort mentioned earlier in the thread). Also spending time dinning in the Lincoln area. To confirm earlier articulations there is ZERO service throughout the area. This is very disappointing since we vacation here often. Switched to T-Mobile from Verizon last month but this circumstances will probably prompt the switch back. We have both a Pixel 3 XL &a iPhone 7.

                                          • drnewcomb2

                                            This appears to be the one USCC market left where VoLTE roaming is not working. T-Mobile needs to be more concerned about coverage where people vacation. Unfortunately, right now, T-Mobile has no deployable low band spectrum in this area. USCC has the 700 MHz license and the 600 will be tied up with TV station repacking until next year. Either USCC roaming needs to get working or T-Mobile needs to go ahead and deploy some mid-band sites in certain resort areas. I'm pretty sure that customers would be willing to live spotty coverage on the drive up, as long as they had service once they got there.

                                          • min29

                                            Even though the coverage map shows coverage at Bretton Woods ski resorts, absolutely zero signal there.

                                            The Wifi was also very spotty at the resorts and I really needed to look up a receipt on one of the cloud drive and without my friend's AT&T phone, it would have been impossible. Within Boston area, the service is excellent but in all the NH ski areas, the service is horrendous.

                                            • louinnh

                                              I have just returned from a weekend trip to Lincoln, NH. This is my first trip up there since switching from AT&T to T-Mobile. I can confirm that the comments other people have posted (from as far back as 2017) that there is ZERO coverage in this area is 100% accurate. This is disappointing as the coverage map does show there being some, albeit fair, coverage in this area, So, I feel the coverage map is a bit misleading. We did not have any signal from Campton up to as far north as Sugar Hill. Disappointed!

                                              • hobbit

                                                I know this is a bit of an old thread, but evidently still applies.  I was up around Lincoln

                                                last summer too. and there was squat for coverage in town.  I could only see just

                                                a tiny whisper of LTE when *on top* of a mountain, long enough to text a friend

                                                "summited Moosilauke!"  ... and it was gone as I headed down.


                                                Given how people likely expect their phones to double as emergency devices

                                                when they take a tumble down some rocks, as flawed an assumption as that may

                                                be, perhaps building out some better coverage is warranted ... on the other hand,

                                                maybe visitors should put away their phones and pay more attention to what

                                                they're doing and the beauty of nature around them.

                                                • charmed179

                                                  June of 2019 and can confirm that tmobile still has zero coverage up there, we've been dealing with no coverage in Campton NH for over a year and half, we go up to visit family or to spend a day and no service anywhere, even though the map shows there is, and the reps continue to claim they cover the areas. I wish they would get sued for false coverage claims, maybe then you'd get an honest answer! Ridiculous.