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    I have been trying to get help with a security issue concerning my account. I recently called in to T-Mobile and was asked my password which is normal and I gave it to the person. He then asked me for the last four of my social which I also gave him. He told me it was wrong. I have been a customer of T-Mobile for many years and have not had a problem with verification before. I repeated my number and he continued to say it was wrong and then asked me if I had my card. I replied, "What card? My social security card?" He said yes he wanted me to look at my card. I told him I am almost 60 years old I know my social and it has never been wrong before. He continued to tell me it was wrong and asked me again to get my card. I told him I was sure that was my number. I was calling in because my daughter was out of the country in Canada and even though we have the North American plan with unlimited talk and text, they were saying that she was using too much roaming and they were going to disconnect her phone. I was trying to resolve because I was afraid of her phone getting disconnect when she was outside of the US. So I really needed to talk to someone but this guy was telling me that he couldn't talk to me without the right social. He asked me a third time if I could go get my card and look at it. I finally said ok and got my social and asked him did he need the whole number? He told me yes. I read the number off of the card ( which I thought was weird but I needed to talk to someone) again he told me it was wrong and he couldn't help me and I would need to go into a store and resolve it. I told him this made no sense that I have never had a problem before and I gave him my password which was correct and my social which is correct. I asked if I could talk to a supervisor because something was wrong. He told me that there was no one above him. That he was the top person in that office. So there was no one else I could talk with. I did ask his name. I hung up and called back and started over because I needed to resolve this and did not want to drive to a T-Mobile store. When I called back they asked my password and I told the rep can I give you the last four of my social? Which I  did and they accessed my account. I asked the rep if the number was right and she said yes. So I told her what just happened and I was told that they don't ask for the whole social and that they don't even see it. They only see the last four numbers. So now I got nervous because of what had happened. I asked to speak to a supervisor because now I am concerned about my personal information. When I spoke to the supervisor I told her the story and she looked up the guy I had talked to and she said that she would find out what happened and why. She told him he did have a supervisor (which he told me he didn't) and she would send an email to him. I asked if they could pull the call because then they would see how he kept insisting that I go and get my card, which was really weird. I was told they would call me back in a few days specifically on the next Saturday. I never received a call. I waited a week and then called to follow up. I was told it was in the notes that they tried to call me but I didn't answer. I told them I did not miss a call, I did not receive a text or voice message. That I had been waiting for them to call me back. I asked to speak to the person that was investigating it and was told they could tell who that was that it just said supervisor review. Since that time I have made phone call after phone call to get someone to help me. I am told they will, I go through the whole story and then no one calls back. All of this started around April 20th or so. The last time I was told it would take a week to pull the call and someone would get back to me. When that didn't happen AGAIN I called and this time I was told that no one was going to call me back because it was not noted to call me back. She also told me that there is no way to pull calls, and that they were allowed to ask for whole social security numbers. And basically that there was nothing they could do. I told her this is different from everything I have been told so far. She also said the rep before put in the notes that I was asking for disciplinary action. I have never asked that I am just worried that a rep went against company policy and has my social security number and also told me that he did not have anyone above him that I could talk to. I called back again after talking to this person because she was definitely not helpful and basically told me there was nothing that could be done. So I called back again and told the story again and the customer service rep said maybe the best thing is to talk to customer relations. But you can't call them, you have to send a letter. This is so ridiculous. I need to talk with someone that can take care of this. You would think that personal information security would be important to T-Mobile but as far as I can see it it not. How can I get someone to help me with this? I really don't want to send a letter, I would like to talk with someone.

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      • tmo_marissa

        This is a huge concern, and I am alarmed to read about this. First, I'm sorry that we repeatedly asked for you to get your card in a manner that insinuated that you might not know your own SSN, and second, I'm definitely sorry that we'd ask for the entire number -- neither of these processes are the norm, and both would give me pause as well. We all have management teams, and refusing to allow a customer to speak to management is not OK.

        What needs to happen on our end is something called an incident report must be filed. It's an internal investigation, and as such, I want to be straightforward that the results may not be shared with a customer. It sounds like you've been given the information to contact our Customer Relations team, and they are a stellar point of contact -- but it's true, there's not a number you can call in to reach out to them (although in some occasions, they may delegate a team member to call back, depending on the circumstances).


        Since the Support Community is a public user forum, we don't have individual account access here to review the details and file a form of this nature ourselves (and without a secure verification method, we would not ask for your account specifics). Are you active on any social media platforms? We have a fantastic social media team on Twitter and Facebook, and through those channels we can send you a link to safely and securely authenticate your account. We would be happy to file the incident report for you there, if you can reach out to us through FB message or by tweeting @tmobilehelp. Since you've already typed up what's happened, you can simply copy and paste the details you've laid out so well here into a message there. I'm not sure if one of the representatives you worked with previously mentioned this kind of report, but we want to make sure that this matter isn't slipping through the cracks. This isn't meant to dissuade you from contacting Customer Relations, either, but I did want to make sure you were given another point of contact.


        Thank you for taking the time to outline the situation here. Even though we can't research this on an individual level, we can definitely forward the general feedback about this experience. Again, we are very sorry to read that this happened, and want to make sure that this is addressed.


        - Marissa

        • miket

          Re: Personal information security problem

          Out of curiosity - were you talking to a CS center in the U.S. or overseas?  (Probably U.S. if a postpaid account.)