ipad3 no 4g


    When I first moved over my ipad3 from ATT everything was working great got great coverage and 4g speeds. Now I can only connect via 2g or edge which is totally useless. If I knew it was going to change to this useless speed I would Have just stayed with Att. Did something change it was working great before?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: ipad3 no 4g

        It depends on where you are. T-Mobile has been making adjustments to their HSPA+ ("4G") signals in order to maximize their LTE service. In most markets you'll now find "4G" on the 1900 MHz band (#2) but there are a few places where it will be on AWS (band 4). Many older AT&T devices lack band 4 HSPA+ (e.g iPhone 3GS).  Eventually, T-Mobile will probably discontinue HSPA+ altogether, in favor of LTE. They do try to make the most of the spectrum they have.

        • bobora

          Re: ipad3 no 4g

          Great. Thanks for the info...