how to unlock iphone 6s puls


    hi, I got really big trouble.

    I was in the US for one year by exchange student.

    But last week, I finally came to my home which is South Korea.

    So I tried to use my new iPhone in here, but it didn't work.

    I struggled with it for one week. But it still didn't work.

    I almost cry now:(

    I couldn't call to the customer service because the cost of calling is crazy.

    3dollars for 1 min!!!

    I really wanna unlock my phone and use it here.

    I couldn't contact with my friends, so I miss the date with my crush now!!!!

    I really need help.

    Thank u very much

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      • htghtg

        Re: how to unlock iphone 6s puls



        That sucks. I would recommend you contact T-Force via Facebook/Twitter to set up the unlock request. If you can use some of the hotspots around you that would also work to chat with T-Mobile. This may take a up to a few weeks to process, but could also be less.


        As long as you satisfy all of the requirements dictated here: SIM Unlock Policy | Unlock Your Mobile Wireless Device | T-Mobile


        The sooner you contact T-Force or T-Mobile the sooner you can get squared away. Also, $3.00/minute is INSANE.





        • tmo_marissa

          Re: how to unlock iphone 6s puls

          Hey, minseon, htghtg is spot on here. We don't want the call cost to stand in between you and your crush! Since it sounds like you used this phone with T-Mobile in the states, as long as your phone's paid off and your previous postpaid account is closed in good standing and met the minimum usage requirements/prepaid account met the minimum refills, you should be good to go to reach out to us on FB or Twitter to get the unlock request filed. You can see the full list of requirements in the link above. With an iPhone, it can take time since Apple unlocks their equipment remotely, and in most cases you'll need to reset via iTunes once approved... hopefully you're already on track with this!


          - Marissa