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Mexico Roaming


    If you're roaming in Mexico and have used more than 32GB of data, can speeds still be reduced at a slower rate when towers are congested or does this only apply on the T-Mobile Network?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Mexico Roaming

        This is a great question! If you are on a plan that benefits from our "Mobile without borders" service, you will be able to get full LTE speeds (where available) in Mexico. If there is congestion in the area you are connection from and you have used a significant amount of data, you will see your speeds slow down while in that specific area or until your billing cycle resets.

        • gus2532

          Re: Mexico Roaming

          I had problems with Telcel as well, every time I made a call to someone, it would appear as Unknown or No Caller ID on the phone of the person I'm contacting. This was resolved when I manually switched my network to Movistar, but they have problems with coverage in some areas, and Telcel doesn't as much. Another option was AT&T (formerly Nextel) and i could make calls on that too, but only get coverage in Major cities, which is ok for most of the time. Is there something I can do to solve my Telcel issue?