[Desktop] Calls sometimes drop immediately, people say I'm too quiet




    Texting works perfectly in Digits (mobile/desktop) for me (though I wish there was an option to turn off those horrid "emoji" that pop up when I use faces like ).


    However, calling is really bad on Digits for Desktop.


    If I try to accept it by clicking the notification that pops up on the bottom right, most of the time the call will immediately disconnect.


    If I accept it by opening the Digits app and clicking "Answer", the people I am talking to tell me that they can barely hear me, even though my default audio device is set to the headset I am wearing, and people can hear me fine if I use Google Voice or Teamspeak.

    It would appear to me that Digits either has an issue with recording quality/devices, or it's set to the wrong device (in which case there should be an option to change recording device.


    Anyone else have these issues?

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