Auto pay drafted my account without my authorization!!!

    I am currently at my wit's end. I have contacted T-mobile customer care on numerous occasions and I feel like the resolution is not acceptable. Has anyone had this issue and what was the resolution time frame? I am seriously thinking about obtaining a legal consult. My issue began a week ago when I initially contacted customer care about upgrading my phone. On Friday when I spoke to the rep she provided me with the information I requested, she also stated that if I processed the transaction on the phone I would be charged a $20 fee, which I was trying to avoid. I proceeded that day to order my phone online through MY-Tmobile, but for whatever reason, I was not able to and kept getting an error message. I tried again the next day and to no avail the same error message. When I attempted to contact Customer care I was told that the price that I was viewing online and the price the rep was seeing were different, the rep at that time attempted to transfer me to a dept who could assist me but they were closed. So I tried again on Sunday. When I checked online I got the same message I got from the last two days so I called customer care this day was awful I was transferred to 4 different reps in with the last rep who couldn't understand me as well as I couldn't understand him, so I hung up. After contemplating the process of needing the upgrade I called one more time and this time the rep stated that they were unable again to process the phone for what was available on MY-TMobile. But there must be an internet error because she was able to see what I was seeing so she created a ticket and told me to wait 72 hours to try again or follow up. After 72 hours I tried again to process the upgrade and this time the phone's price dropped $78 dollars. So I called customer care and was finally assisted by a rep named Toya who was able to process the upgrade even though it wasn't at the $78 decrease. She asked me if I wanted to trade in my old phone for $49 which I didn't want to do, but she processed that and told me not to worry about it. She took my card information and asked for authorization to debit my account for the upgrade.Yaaaa I finally got my phone ordered, but yet the hell continues. So the next day I wake up to overdrawn messages from my bank account. T-Mobile went in and drafted my account for the whole portion of my bill through auto pay which I didn't authorize. I contacted customer care again who explained that the Autopay was set up during the time I was speaking to Toya the customer care rep, to which I repeatedly explained that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE any auto pay transactions. So the customer rep processed the refund for my auto draft which will take up to 5 business days (what am I supposed to do till then? )also say they cannot guarantee to reimburse for the overdraft fees of $35 dollars, they can maybe credit my account the overdraft fees. I would really like to know what rights do I have? I have been with T-Mobile since 2000 when they were Voicestream. that 17years and this is the worse treatment as a loyal customer. Please HELP!!!!!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Goodness, this isn't the way to start off the weekend. You've been with us for close to two decades - that's incredible! I'm truly sorry that you were signed up for AutoPay without your permission which in turn made an automatic payment process. This is a situation that could've been avoided. It's not often that users are signed up for AutoPay automatically after upgrading their phone. Since this was done without your authorization, the overdraft fees should be refunded back to you or a credit placed on your account.


        From the sounds of it, the proper request has been filed to get your funds back to you ASAP. The only downside to this is that is now Friday and unfortunately banks don't process requests 24/7 (that would be super convenient though). You may be looking at Monday or Tuesday to get your funds back unless you're able to stop the payment on your bank's end. I want to help as much as possible because I don't like to see any of our customers in a situation such as yours but we do not have account access as Community Managers. The option to contact T-Force (our Social Media Care team) is still available and you can send them a message by clicking the Facebook or Twitter icon in my signature, but again, I'm not sure what else can be done due to not being able to review your account.


        I wish I was able to provide you with a solid answer but there any many variables that come into play. I cannot apologize enough for the entire situation. This all could've been avoided if the order was able to be placed online successfully. You have presented a few learning opportunities that we can take back and improve upon so hopefully customers don't run into the same thing.

          • msnyce72

            Good Morning, Amanda, thank you for your response and attention to the matter. While I do understand that T-Mobile has many policies customer reps must follow as a loyal consumer many aspects of the process can be very discouraging.There are many other facets of this story that I did not include and I would love to share my experiences if it means developing a better outcome. Please understand that having a history of being a long time consumer with T-Mobile I have been through years of changes, and know what is acceptable and what is not.  I would love to speak with someone directly regarding this issue and all the issues I had during this process. As you stated "This all could've been avoided if the order was able to be placed online successfully" which was my initial intention. I will attempt to contact the T-Force team today. Thank you again for your assistance.

          • artart

            msnyce72 wrote:

            So the customer rep processed the refund for my auto draft which will take up to 5 business days (what am I supposed to do till then? )also say they cannot guarantee to reimburse for the overdraft fees of $35 dollars, they can maybe credit my account the overdraft fees.


            I would really like to know what rights do I have? I have been with T-Mobile since 2000 when they were Voicestream. that 17years and this is the worse treatment as a loyal customer. Please HELP!!!!!

            Hi msnyce72

            Welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear of your problem.

            I was with VoiceStream also. Actually i have been with T-Mo slightly longer than you have. I have learned quite a few years ago that You and I don't have to know and demand our rights.


            When you have been with T-Mobile as long as you have,

            T-Mo will probably give you more than just the minimum rights (compensation) you are entitled to.


            You have demonstrated that you didn't jump ship and switch back and forth between competing carriers to get a little better deal here and there. T-Mo not only respects you for that, but also values you for your loyalty.


            I want to encourage you to relax and try to actually enjoy the process of allowing T-Force to fix things for you.  tmo_amanda gave you the absolute best advice to contact T-Force. They are wonderful people and they have the authority to fix things for you. You might not get the compensation as fast as you need it, but T-Force will give you more than fair compensation.


            You know that for years when we have talked to T-Mo reps on the phone we have always been told "You have been with us for XX number of years and are a valued customer". I always thought over the years yeh yeh yeh I know , I'll bet they say that to everybody. Maybe they do say that to everybody,  but T-Mo does mean it when it calls you a valued customer. T-Mo values loyalty. It also appreciates all that money you gave the company over the years and it certainly is looking forward to all that money you are going to spend on phone service FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. When the company says valued customer it means it.


            Personally I wouldn't fixate on the $35 fees. I believe you will get that.

            If I were in your shoes I would begin my  T-Force conversation  with the ending you used here.


            " I have been with T-Mobile since 2000 when they were VoiceStream. that 17 years and this is the worse treatment as a loyal customer. Please HELP!!!!! "


            Actually I would change that to: " I have been with T-Mobile since 2000 when they were VoiceStream. In 17 years as a very loyal customer,  I have never been treated as badly as I have been recently. Please HELP !!! "


            I think all you will have to do is have an itemized list ready of the money the unfortunate situation has cost you. I still wouldn't ask for that amount. I would instead ask "What can you do for me? " That is the fun part of letting T-Mobile show you how valuable you really are. You might get just a little more than you were asking for.


            You can also just copy and paste the link to this thread when you write your message to T-Force.

            Auto pay drafted my account without my authorization!!!


            Stay Happy and enjoy the process of  T-Force making things right by you.



              • msnyce72

                Thank You Art for the encouraging words. I actually attempted to contact T-Force and I still was not treated with the respect a loyal consumer deserves. #EPICFAIL

                  • artart


                    Sorry to hear that..

                    What was it that made you feel that there was a lack of respect.?

                      • msnyce72

                        Hello Art,

                        Well, Initially when I contacted T-Force I was met with a BrittanyJones who checked my account and sent me this answer.


                        I appreciate you for verifying your account for me, Miriam. I just skimmed over the previous conversations you've had with Customer Care and I see that you had some concerns with autopay and being drafted payment from your checking account. However, we've submitted a refund for you this morning. Did you still have more questions about this? *BrittanyJones


                        After that comment, I did not hear from Brittany again which is disrespectful because it took about 30 mins of me waiting and texting for another rep to respond to me. Fortunately, this rep was able to look into my account and assist me with some of the issues. Now honestly I still have no explanation as to how auto pay was processed on my account during my upgrade on June 7 and deducted on June 8  and It doesn't show who actually did it(though I suspect who ) but it was deleted and the funds process for refund( which I have no choice but to wait on) and my TMobile account was credited for some of my troubles. So I am stuck at home with little groceries and no gas since Thursday because of this and now have to wait till Monday and hope the refund posts to my account. 




                          • artart

                            Hi msnyce72

                            So sorry that you didn't have as great an experience that you could  have had with T-Force.


                            *BrittanyJones said: " Did you still have more questions about this? "

                            Did you answer right a way?  It is possible she thought you weren't there any longer. I am sure that she didn't mean any disrespect.


                            You were able to get another rep to help you though . 

                            That is good news. I am glad to hear that the second rep was able to address your issues and also credit your account with a little more for your trouble. It does seem to look like T-Mo really does value us long timers as customers.


                            Miriam, I know it must be tough to make it through the weekend with very little food. One very positive outcome of your situation however, was that you now know how to get results by contacting T-Force.  I understand that you still want answers as to why the things happened to you. I would too. Unfortunately, you will probably never know for sure. That's sometimes just the way things happen .


                            The good news is, that from now on you won't have to guess what happened, and who is responsible. You will have written documentation confirming everything you do with a T-Mobile rep at T-Force. Many customers would rather use T-Force instead of phone support so they have a written record of every interaction with a rep. That way if things go downhill, the customer can use the saved chats to verify who said what to whom and when.



                            • tmo_amanda

                              Miriam, I'm very sorry that you weren't treated with the respect that you deserved. Our longtime customers mean the world to us and it doesn't sound like that was conveyed. As Art mentioned, this isn't the norm for T-Force and how they handle situations. I'm also sorry that we put you in a situation that prohibits you from purchasing necessities.


                              I'd love to hear your feedback and any additional details that you'd like to share. You can send me a private message by viewing my profile then selecting the "Message" icon. As far as how AutoPay was set-up without your authorization, I'm wondering if during the upgrade process a box was accidentally checked or not un-checked to get you signed up. Again, I don't have account access and haven't processed any sort of upgrades for customers or myself in over a year so I do not know if this is even a possibility but the only thing I can think of.