Scam Block / Scam ID


    If a blocked # tries to call my line, what does the other end hear?


    Put another way what if someone gets blacklisted, how will they know?


    I see the caller can report the false positive on T-Mobile Scam Call Reporting aka but how will they know they have been blocked?

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      • htghtg

        Re: Scam Block / Scam ID

        Hello and welcome, katycomputersystems !


        I want to just briefly detail the differences between the two services for those who may not know. T-Mobile was really aiming to solve the problem of spam callers with these two features, and I see them as two different approaches to a problem. If you're not interested in the descriptions, please skip to the last paragraph.


        Scam ID


        Scam ID is basically the older "security alarm" of the T-Mobile arsenal against spammers. It basically checks the Caller ID/Phone # against a database of known/suspected spammers and if it comes back as a match- it replaces the Caller ID on your phone with "Scam Likely". It tells you there might be a spammer on the other line, but doesn't actively do anything to prevent the conversation from happening. Due to the database also having suspected spammers included, you may observe some local businesses labeled as a scam (which you can report as a false positive.) This is also provided as a free service to pretty much all T-Mobile consumer lines.


        Scam Block


        Scam Block is the "security system" available to you to use. If and when the incoming caller is identified as a spammer using the tools I previously outlined, the network blocks the call from ever being received by your phone. In this way, it acts as a defense to these frequent calls. This may cause problems if your local business uses a number that was previously identified as a Spam Caller. Also provided free of charge.


        If you are using Scam Block, the caller will not be routed through completely. I don't think the Spammer would be forwarded to voicemail or anything, the call would just disconnect- that could be an indication that the number has been blocked. If you're using Scam ID, you'll have the opportunity to answer the call regardless and be the judge yourself. Which, may be even more advantageous to some than Scam Block.





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        • katycomputersystems

          Re: Scam Block / Scam ID

          What is best way to post feature requests?


          It would be lovely if after a voice call, the phone would check to see if the caller is in my phone book. If not, it would ask me if this was a scam call, that would help us help TMO. I do use T-Mobile Scam Call Reporting  but it would be nice to be able to enter these irritating calls as they come in.

            • miket

              Re: Scam Block / Scam ID

              If there were some easy way to press a button on the call log that a particular number was a spam, I would do it. I'm not going to take the time to log on to a website to simply type in a particular spam number. I have programmed  my phone to show that a call coming in is likely to be spam. I may change that to simply block spam calls. I wanted to see how accurate this feature was before doing.

            • magenta7747678

              Re: Scam Block / Scam ID

              They apparently  get a "busy" signal in some cases, and "nothing" in others.


              I had activated "scam block" entirely (#662#) on my t-mobile line a few days ago after I was ready to jump

              out of the window due to constant bombardment with spams and scams.

              I realized that it wouldn't help as I am on the ground floor, so something needed to be done.


              The scam block seems to work extremely well, no unwanted calls at all. The one caller I know of which got falsely blocked is a colleague from overseas who is using an internet service to keep the cost down. His number is reported as +1 (country code US)  xxx (country code of his country) yyy zzzzz  (his phone number).


              All that is good and correct and works perfectly well as that number does look suspicious, no doubt, so T-Mobile does well in blocking it


              What I would like to do now, is to explicitly "whitelist" that exact number as it's a conversation I need to have every day. I checked the whitelist link provided but it lets me flag the status only on "legitimate" US formatted numbers (this one in question has one too many digits) .

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              • magenta4710320

                Re: Scam Block / Scam ID

                Where can I find this "Scam Block" ?  Is it available for prepaid users? 


                How can this work to block scammers and spammers that are spoofing numbers?  I am bombarded with fake calls about "lower interest rates on my credit card" or "the factory warranty has expired on my car."  I don't have a credit card and my car is 20 yrs old and not even titled in my name,  So why are they calling my number!!  I would LOL but it's not funny! 


                Anyway, the calls are coming in with what looks like a local call and using the same area code and prefix as my phone number.  I have to block them individually as they come in.  And any app for blocking calls sends them to voicemail, which means I have to clear that out weekly also!   What if someone I know gets a new number and it's one of these numbers that I have blocked?   I realize that I can unblock it, but there must be an easier way to stop this.


                I know the FCC has been levying some harsh fines for companies that use this tactic, but I haven't notices any reduction in unwanted calls yet.  They must make plenty of $$ from these unsolicited calls to pay these fines and continue to defy the FCC.  But surely there is something we can do to prevent these calls altogether.....right?