I mean, how hard is it to get a final bill for your device payment plan?


    Hi T-mobile, I cannot emphasize enough how much I am disappointed with your service. I cancelled one of my lines in March 2017, and even after I called your service center and solutions center for five times in total, requesting for a final bill for that line's balance of the device payment, I still did not get it as of today. I was promised to get this issue resolved by your representative at the solutions center one last time on May 12, 2017, but nothing has been resolved. I can assure you, with these ridiculous services you provided to me for the past three months, that you only not lose just one customer, but also friends and families of my network.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, hwanandmichelle. I'm very sorry to read that we lost your business because of this matter. It sounds like we definitely gave some mixed messages regarding final billing for EIP, and to think that you went back and forth on this matter for months on end is very disappointing indeed.


        Based on your post, it sounds like one line in your postpaid family plan was canceled. In a situation like this, the EIP balance doesn't bill out if you still have active lines. We do this to prevent a bill shock; although it definitely sounds like this process backfired in your situation. After canceling one line on a family plan, your next statement would still show the remaining balance on the EIP on the left hand side of the page (starting at page three or later) as usual, and would still bill monthly. We could ensure that you'd get the final balance actually billed out in the itemized charges on the right hand side by simply taking payment to settle the remainder owed. If we dropped the ball in failing to explain this or offer this option, I truly apologize -- it seems like we would hopefully still have you with us as a customer had we been more clear. I don't blame you one bit for being frustrated, and we're never happy to read that a miscommunication on our part cost us a customer. I know it doesn't change the situation, or give you back the time you spent reaching out, but we do appreciate the time you took to post here and provide this feedback -- we'll pass it on.


        - Marissa