No data in lower manhattan highrise


    Working in NYC lower manhattan on 26th floor. Typically had limited 4g/LTE data connections but recently its gone down to 2g or is non-existent.


    Basically I get like 5bars and can make voice calls, its just any data seems to be completely non-existant.


    Using an iPhone 5s, not data throttled or anything, tried to do a Reset Network Settings and it didn't help. Someone next to me at work also has T-Mobile but an android device and has the same issue.


    Called into tech support but wasn't entirely sure what the problem was or how to fix this going forward. Can anyone help?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: No data in lower manhattan highrise

        Hey there!


        We definitely need to get your data back. I checked out the general lower Manhattan area and see modernization in progress. The good news is that most of the upgrades to the towers will be completed by June 30th. In the meantime, the only recommendation I have to get your data back is to use WiFi.

          • magenta4104402

            Re: No data in lower manhattan highrise

            I have the same issue as of January 2018 on a iphone X. Zip code 10282. Low or sometimes no reception in high floors (15 and above). Tried reseting/updating.

            I'm not the only one with the same issue. Many people that work and live in the area switched carriers. I switched to tmobile a couple of months ago and didn't have issues with verizon.

              • drnewcomb2

                Re: No data in lower manhattan highrise

                A complex topography, like Manhattan, must be tough to service. The standard cellular site antenna orientation is vertical, with the beams spreading out like a fan, just a little below horizontal. To cover a high rise building, they have to turn the antenna horizontal and aim the pattern (fan) onto the side of the building. For large buildings, they need two or three antennas positioned around the building aimed at different sides. One alternative is to go into the building and put small antennas on each floor (Distributed Antenna System, or DAS). DAS installations have often accompanied corporate telephone contracts: You get the company's telephone contract, you get to install a DAS in their office & shop spaces. The "Suits" who sit in corner offices often prefer to deal with the duopoly's "Suits", rather than with the unkempt, middle-age teen-agers at T-Mobile.