S6 to Android 7 update changed Contacts operation in MultiLine.


    The recent update to Android 7.0 on the Samsung S6 changed the the way Contacts are used when dialing from a contact.  I have no default lines saved to any of my contacts.  On my S7s and previously on the S6, I could select a contact, touch call/dial, from the "Choose default line" screen I could select "Just once".  The "Just once" option is no longer on the S6.  The options are "Set as default" and "Select".  The line that I chose to use is immediately saved as default to that contact when either option is chosen.  When I call/dial the next time, the call is immediately started and with that default contact.  I have to edit the now required default line in the contact to the number I want to use before I can call/dial again.  Now I am unable to use my contact list to call since this action assigns a non-removable default line to the contact on the S6.

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      • tankshop

        Administrators, please remove this thread.  Today, the "Select" button acts like the "Just once".

          • artart

            Hi tankshop

            I had written the following reply.

            When I hit ADD REPLY my internet connection failed.

            By the time I got back online you posted this new developement


            Do you mean you were able to get your drop down box to work again?

            I now have the problem you had.



            I just received the Nougat update on my S6 by surprise. I had the download option set to manual. I would have cleared my cache before doing a manual update. I didn't get that chance since for some reason it started to download and install automatically. The first thing I did was clear the cache. I don't have the problem you are having so maybe you clearing the cache might fix your problem.



            This is the way my phone is works.

            * I select my contact

            * I place the call

            * A drop down appears saying

              "Choose default line"

            *I tap the number I want to use

            *I tap "select"

            *The call is placed



            There is no "just once" option



            It was working fine just using the select.option

            I was able to able to continue to use select

            repeatedly to toggle numbers and make the call



            Before I hit add reply to send you this message

            I tried to see what happened if a chose a number as default.

            WOOPs  BIG Mistake

            Now I have the same problem you have.



            Oh well I'll work on it later.

            • artart

              Hi tankshop

              I just made a couple of discoveries.


              My drop down menu still works for "chose default" and "Select"

              on all numbers except the one I used to test the default setting option


              The drop down menu  does not work when dialing my test contact

              it dials out on my default number that I had chosen for the test.


              I cannot see how to deselect the default number for that one test contact.

              Is the drop down menu option working with all contacts for you.



                • tankshop


                  The I brought up the issue you are having during the Beta testing.  If you save or edit an existing contact on a MultiLine phone, a non-removable default line is assigned to that contact.  You can edit and change the line, but you will always have a default line assigned.  I do all my contact saving and editing on a non MultiLine device.  All of my devices are instantly updated (Google contacts) without a default line assigned.  You can also logout of MultiLine and then edit your contacts.  Once outside of MultiLine there is no default line field in the contact info. You will have to delete and create a new contact to get rid of the default line.