How to check if a SIM is still valid? Will TM pay if they broke my wife's SIM?


    Story is my mother lost her SIM on vacation, locally, you have to use another SIM over there in SE Asia. We got back to TX today, and I took her to the T-Mobile store today around 7-8 pm to get her a new SIM. Representative there got her a new one, for $25 total. Which was fine, but now that we're home, my wife's SIM isn't working. No connectivity even though I see bars, I get Call Not Sent on s6 edge. I tried moving her SIM to my phone, then checking the number, it's my own number and not hers. That's weird. Moved her SIM back to her phone, it's still my number and not hers. I want to be compensated for her getting another SIM, this one's acting whacky. Would it help if I post the numbers on her SIM here on forums?



    Trung (I'm the son, posting from mother's community account, I haven't made one for myself yet.)

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, Trung! I'm sorry to hear about your mom's lost SIM -- I can't imagine those moments of searching prior to departure (or worse, immediately after arrival home) added anything fun to her trip! From what you're describing, barring any known iPhone number display silliness, it sounds like your wife's SIM number and yours were swapped in error in our store. Were you testing by placing calls, or just checking the number in the about phone section? The good news is, if it was just an accidental SIM swap, we can easily resolve that for you if you merely Contact Us over the phone. Of course if you stop by the store and a new SIM is needed because troubleshooting leads us to that conclusion, we should be able to replace it without issue. Either way, we are definitely sorry for the inconvenience -- it stinks to think that you were helping out your mom and wound up as innocent bystanders experiencing a service issue! Please let us know if you've been able to reach out and get this resolved.


        - Marissa