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    Hello. I currently have the Select Choice FAM UNL TT 50 Plan. One of our family member's phone is being payed off monthly for two years until it reaches the total amount of the phone's cost. However, we are planning to move to another phone company due to bad signals. If the phone hasn't fully been paid off, would we have to pay the leftover amount at once or is there something else we could do about this? Thank you.

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      • magentadamien

        Re: Select Choice Plan

        Hey! Great question... First off, im shocked to hear you want to leave such a great plan like Select Choice! Could I ask for your zip code to check current coverage in your area? If you are using older phones, chances are you'll experience network issues because T-Mobile is building their NEW network with new technology / bands that are simply not compatible with older phones. EXTENDED RANGE LTE is T-Mobiles new technology that lets a signal reach 2x farther from a tower than before, meaning you receive signal in more areas, and most old devices are compatible with T-Mobiles Extended Range Network. You can check if your device is compatible here... Coverage compatible device list | Extended Range LTE | 700 Band 12 . Otherwise, T-Mobile just finished out a major network auction and has major plans to build out the end of the network getting toe to toe with Verizon, especially by the end of 2017. Also, if the issue is just at your house, T-Mobile offers a FREE 4G LTE Cell Spot that you can pick up from a store, plug it in, and get 5 bars of service in your home. // But to answer your question, you must pay off the old device in order to switch. I recommend you call ahead of time to pay off the device if you request to switch, but if you don't, you will be billed for it later.

        USE THIS LINK TO VIEW END OF 2017 T-MOBILE LTE COVERAGE VS VERIZON LTE Comparison Map | Compare Network Coverage | T-Mobile

        • artart

          Re: Select Choice Plan

          Hi blue51546

          I read magentadamien's very detailed reply to you.

          I asked myself if there was anything I could add, Nope, I can't think  of anything. You received some great suggestions as to how you might be able to receive better signals and be able to stay with T-Mo.


          I personally have the wi-fi cell spot router and it is awesome.

          T-Mo sent it to me when one local tower was completely offline for a while. After the tower received some of those upgrades magentadamien mentioned, my signal inside the house was vastly improved. I still prefer using the cell spot anyway.


          I know you feel that you must leave,

          but I would definitely recommend dialing 611,  and ask to speak to tech support .if you have not already done so. You can  tell the techs what problems you are having and see if they might be able to come up with some sort of solution.


          Please feel free to ask questions.  Damien, I and others will be willing to assist you if you want to try to see what options you might still have enabling you to stay with T-Mobile.



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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Select Choice Plan

            Hi, blue51546! I'm sorry to read about your service woes -- it's our intention to continue to build our network out so that "bad signal" is never a part of the conversation! I know our users here have provided some great advice on how to relieve the coverage concern for the time being... hopefully, that was helpful! I'd also just like to put out there that if you are able to reach out to our Tech care team, we can take a look at our internal map and let you know if your area is on schedule for modernization or additional spectrum that might improve your current experience. We'd love to make sure we're doing all that we can to best support your family's needs (and I agree with the first reply that a Select Choice plan would be a bummer to lose!).

            That said, I do want to make sure we're answering your specific question, because if we are going to lose you for the time being I'd like to make sure you're getting great customer service so you'll consider us again in the future. If you have a remaining balance owed on an Equipment Installment Plan, that will bill in full on your final statement. If you're wanting to unlock that device to take it to another provider, you'd need to settle the balance prior to leaving so that you could submit the request to unlock that family member's device before you go. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and thanks for posting here!


            - Marissa