I am planning to take t mobile one plane. If any one interested may reply back on this thread. that way we can split the bill and get every thing unlimited.

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      • magentadamien

        That doesnt seem like a good idea . Unless you plan on getting a plan with friends and family, I recommend you go with the $70 flat rate 1 line option

        • barcodeable

          I also agree with magentadamien that your proposed plan may not be an advisable one. It just may not be a great idea to share a phone plan with a perfect stranger for a variety of reasons. The main reason is for your safety. Whatever your gender, it is a dangerous practice to share your personal information with someone you are not aquainted with. I wouldn't personally get involve with sharing a plan with even a friend or family member, because it will sooner or later lead to problems. Your friend, family member, or stranger will one day not be able to pay their share of the bill and you will be responsible to pay the entire amount. That will be an inevitable dilemma you will find yourself in. Or perhaps you may be unable to pay your own share of the bill and your friend, family member, or stranger will have to pay your share. And i would hate to see the reaction from the STRANGER after they find out you did not abide by the payment arrangements you set fourth .


          For Example: I can send you a message letting you know I'm interested in sharing a phone plan with you. But you won't know what my motives are. I actually already have several phone lines of my own, but i wouldn't tell you that if im a crazy person. And nowadays everybody is a crazy person!


          Not to be the bearer of scary news... but after the stranger gets your information, Name, age, phone number, address, etc., don't be surprised if this stranger paid you an unexpected visit


          BE CAREFUL