BUG: Unread SMS in PC App & Web App


    I am getting unread flags for text messages on the PC app and the Web app. It is consistently the same threads, but more are joining the pack all the time. Once a thread is affected, it continues to show unread perpetually. It started out several days ago with two threads and two "unread" messages, but it is now up to 7 threads with 17 "unread" messages. The oldest affected thread has had no activity for the past week but still shows unread. The unread flags go away when I open the thread but soon return within seconds or up to an hour later. Reloading the desktop app, refreshing the web app, and logging out and back in of either causes the flags to show again immediately. The problem also persists after deregistering/reregistering the offending lines from the app. The messages do not show as unread on my phone (Galaxy S8) or the Android app on other devices. I have two virtual DIGITS lines, and the problem is affecting both of the numbers. The problem does not seem to be affecting threads to my SIM number.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: BUG: Unread SMS in PC App & Web App

        I can see how that can be a bit strange to see that magenta1656889.


        Have you already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? What browser are you looking at your messages on? Can you test another browser to see if the message stay read? Please keep us posted on this. Thanks!

          • magenta1656889

            Re: BUG: Unread SMS in PC App & Web App

            I have installed/reinstalled the app. I have logged into the web application on different browsers and different PCs. I have gone to the application data on the PC and manually deleted remnants after uninstalling. I have installed the app on a different PC. The problem persists. It seems clear to me that the issue is server side, since it is not affecting the mobile app or my S8, which keep track of whether or not something is "read" locally. The PC and Web applications are pulling the "read status" from the server, it would seem, and no matter how many times I read them, this status is not being updated server side. So, after I read the message, the next time the application refreshes and syncs, it marks those messages as unread again, because that is the status stored at the persistence layer. That is really the only logical explanation.