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    Hi, i had an iPhone 6 plus on t-mobile, an i had it unlocked, after few months, this iPhone was replaced in an Apple store cause was faulty, and the iPhone now is locked, when i contacted the Apple Care they said that i must contact T-mobile to re-unlock the iPhone.

    What can i do Please cause, i'm trying to contact T-mobile and i can't cause i'm out of the USA.

    I have all proof of the iPhone replacement in the Apple care.

    The Original iPhone : 355876063147510.

    The replacement iPhone : 355377072921888

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Unlocking my iPhone

        Hey there dilaw .


        Unfortunately, we don't have the tools needed to request an unlock for you here on support. Have you run this by our T-Force team through the social links on our Contact Us page? They may be able to dive into this and help you further. Plus, you don't have to worry about calling in. Please keep us posted on this and let us know how things go. Thanks!