Update 7.0 makes sending messages and downloading slow?


    Ever since the recent update (Nougat) both installing apps and sending messages has not been working properly. Every time I try to send a message it says sending for hours and it never sends it, the little loading circle next to the message stay there. On the installing apps side, the downloading never finishes it just stays at 100% but the app never installs. In the previous version before the update everything was working perfectly.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, magenta1731881. It's a bummer to read that the SW update isn't playing nice with your phone! I tried hunting for known issues with messaging and app downloads for the S7. While we don't have any known issues listed for the Play Store, it looks like we do know of an intermittent issue sending SMS over WiFi, although there's not a known fix at this time. Do your messaging issues seem to be isolated to WiFi, or does this happen when you have a network connection as well? How much available memory do you currently have on your device? Lastly, can you try to Wipe your cache partition: Samsung Galaxy S7 and let us know if that helps at all? Thanks!


        - Marissa

          • craacken

            I have two phones, one has this issue and the other does not.


            Personal Galaxy S6 Edge has this issue and the only fix is rebooting my phone every 30 - 45 minutes.  This is becoming quite the issue since I can no longer rely on my phone.  The call quality has also all but diminished.  I've cleared the cache as mentioned in multiple threads but this did not work.  I've deleted every wi-fi network profile, this did not work.  I've turned off wi-fi calling, switched it to every different setting on and off and yet have still faced this issue.


            What can you offer at this point to remedy the situation?


            My work Issued Galaxy S6 does not have this issue which is strange but different model, different problems.




              • tmo_mike_c

                Hmm, that's really odd this is happening on just the one phone craacken.  Do you have a lot of messages stored to that phone? If so, I suggest clearing out any unneeded messages from it's memory. You could also you try testing that phone in Safe mode for a bit to see if you have the same issues. Please let us know if that helps. Thanks.

                  • craacken

                    I'd prefer not to remove all my text messages, I'll try the safe mode tomorrow and see what happens though.



                      • craacken

                        Updates on this, the text messages are pretty small since it prunes automatically.  I don't think that would be the issue since this is all managed automatically by the OS/Messaging App.


                        I sent a text around 8:00A this morning, it's now 9:35A and the text is still spinning (2 different recipients, 4 texts total - all in limbo)  At this point it's also pretty obvious I've lost my ability to receive texts - this also caused me to miss an appointment this morning that cost me $40 since I couldn't receive the confirmation text.


                        I restarted my phone (safe mode this time) and low and behold all 4 texts failed to send and had the next to them.  I also received about 5 or 6 other notifications from other applications. I resent all 4 messages and it worked instantly.  I'm not surprised at this since restarting in normal mode also does the same thing.  I'll keep an eye on it today but I'd like to know what my options are if 'safe mode' doesn't work?



                          • tmo_mike_c

                            Thanks for all the testing and the information you've given. At this point, I suggest seeing if the messages work a bit more consistently if you used another device. This'll let us know if we need to stay dialed in on the phone or look to your network connection. For example, if you test another phone and it's working better, we'd be looking at something going on with this individual phone. I know you've mention this is only happened since the update but it's strange because this update isn't known to do this. Another theory could be 3rd party apps not playing so well with the new software and causing issue. The end result is usually a factory reset followed by testing the messaging out to see if it works better before downloading any personal info back. Please keep us posted.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Oh boy magenta1731881, these software update stories like this are always heartbreaking to hear. Have you had the chance to give the steps above a shot? Please let us know how things are going. Thank you!

                    • rowhass

                      My Galaxy S8+ does the same thing, with MMS messages stuck on "sending" for hours.  WiFi or not, same deal