what i would like to know is why these people aren't on same page. i ported numbers from verizon and was told i could get the eip. i even said these numbers were on tmobile before will that be a problem. phones were not in my name at that time and it was


    phones were not in my name at the time they were on T-Mobile 3 years ago. now im being told I don't get the eip because T-Mobile only pays out a number once. so now im stuck trying to pay T-Mobile and my previous carrier. they need to be very clear about their program because now I feel like I was ripped off. I would never had signed up with them if I knew this I would have kept previous carrier until phones were paid off. im past my trial period and would like to know how I can cancel with T-Mobile and not have to pay for devices. can they be returned and I get my deposits back. who can I write to and complain about this after going to great lengths to get info to them for eip I was assured by 3 different promotions reps of the amount I was to receive. then the next day I got a call saying it was denied because she researched it and they were on T-Mobile before. they asked in store if I had an account with them before and I said not me and that's why I specifically asked about qualifying. I feel as though I should be qualified because the phones were not in my name before, the length of time since the numbers were on tmobile and the reps should be better trained. I want to file a complaint with someone whether its with tmobile and I get some satisfaction or an outside agency

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