Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package


    Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package! Although data slows to 2G when used up, that is not enough in today's society where kids use 90% data & 10% talk/text. We would love to be able to "cyber-ground" our teenager by limiting data during certain times of the day or taking away/shutting off her data when necessary. But we still want her to to be able to call & text on her phone to reach us if necessary. I talked to a person in T-Mobile's tech division today who also had a teenager and is facing the same problem where her teenager used 30GB in a month!! She said she was surprised T-Mobile hasn't done this yet. But there is no way to shut off or limit data on a phone line - other than physically taking away the phone. Granted it doesn't cost parents anything if teens use up data or go over, but what kind of lesson is that teaching kids? We need better parental controls accessible to us as parents. Data is the problem with kids now a days & we need assistance being able to control it as parents.  AT&T, Sprint & Verizon all include parental controls (including Data control) for FREE! Granted to me it was worth $5 for the Family Allowance but it's only for call, text,& purchases. So it does us no good since our teenager barley talks or texts on her phone. It's all data usage with her. All we can do it put the 'id, teenager, young adult restrictions on our lines for "Surfing".

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