Why does T mobile record you, but brutally refuse to let you record them????


    Honest question: How does a company that pretends to have great customer service and care about its customers have such a brutal policy when it comes to recording your phone calls to them?


    In my personal case, I cancelled an auto billed prepaid line and signed up for a postpaid account. My prepaid phone number was ported over to this new postpaid number. The prepaid account no longer existed and no longer had a phone number. I called and cancelled the auto billing, but was billed the next month. I called again, and was told they could not refund me, but would definitely cancel the auto billing. This took hours and hours of frustrating calls. Yet, they again billed me the next month. I was forced to call my credit card and ban them from charging me in order to end the charges. In all, t mobile stole $94 from me.


    The reason this happened is because while t mobile records every call you make to them, they refuse to reference their own recordings to right their wrongs. To solve this, I began requesting that I record the calls myself, as I would then be able to prove that I had cancelled my account.


    T mobile's response any time you call them and request to record the call is to IMMEDIATELY hang up on you. Why???

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      • stevetjr

        I can't answer to your question of why but rather just offer an alternative.  T-Mobile has a great resource and they are especially good at resolving issues and it is called T-Force and they operate via social media on FB and Twitter using direct communications.  They have a great way to ensure it is a secure connection and you are the authorized account holder but the best part is you don't need it recorded because it is all there in type and you can even print it if need be.  You can use the links below to utilize it.


        Contact Us

          • rippedoffbyevilphonecompany

            Thanks, but that's not an answer to my question at all. I wanted to know WHY t-mobile has a policy of rudely hanging up on anyone who expresses a desire to record a phone call for their own records, even though t-mobile themselves is recording the call.


            Your answer is borderline rude as it completely ignores my question and attempts to change the subject to divert from the real issue I am getting at, which is t-mobile's total hypocrisy on this issue. Someone decided to make it corporate policy, and because of that I was completely screwed out of $94 dollars. So explain yourself.

              • stevetjr

                I am just a fellow customer offering a suggestion to avoid this problem in the future and you might even try to see if they can resolve your current issue, as I said they have a great reputation for resolving very complicated issues.


                I can't answer your question directly since I don't work for T-Mobile and never have, I just volunteer on this forum to help other customers and being that I have been with T-Mobile for 15+ years I have seen and experienced quite a bit so can usually help answer how do i questions or point them in the right direction.


                As I mentioned in another thread, T-Mobile regularly wins or is close second in wireless customer service over quite a few years so while clearly your issue isn't or hasn't been resolved has happened but it is more an isolated incident rather than a common trend. 


                So again just my personal suggestion is to, dial down the rhetoric a tad and try contacting T-Force via FB or Twitter and give them a chance to resolve your issue and get you your $94.  


                A T-Mobile moderator will see this post at some point and may be able to answer it as to a policy question but I think the bigger thing is can your actually issue get resolved and from history if any group can do that it is T-Force.

            • rippedoffbyevilphonecompany

              I am not at all interested in your opinion of t-mobiles customer service. At best that's a pointless waste of time for you to add to the discussion, at worst it's you deliberately attemption to change the subject away from my question because it points out what reprehensible scumbags t-mobile are. My question was not: How great is t-mobiles customer service in stevetjr's opinion, nor was it, how can I get the $94 t mobile stole from me back.


              My question was: How can a company have such a totally hypocritical policy about recording phone calls, and how can they justify treating their customers with actual problems like dirt by immediately hanging up on them if they request to record a phone call for their records. I would like t-mobile to answer this question, and this question only.

              • stevetjr

                well good luck getting your answer on that one.  Secondly it is not my attemption (attempt actually) to change the subject, it was to help resolve the issue of you losing $94 and pointing you in the right direction where you can get help and also going forward if you do want a record of your transactions with them that is a way to get it.

                • tmo_amanda

                  Hey there!


                  Gosh, I'm sorry you were charged two times after you asked for the auto payments to be stopped since you transferred to a postpaid account. This isn't the norm and should be corrected. While Community Managers do not have any type of account access, we have two other options to contact us and keep you conversation records -- online chat or T-Force (our Social Media Care team).


                  I also want to apologize for us hanging up on you without provided enough information on why we do not permit our calls to be recorded on your end. T-Mobile doesn't consent to having calls recorded by customers. A couple of things I want to point out: recorded calls are not intended to be a record of conversation and not every call is recorded. We randomly record calls for individual quality and training.

                    • rippedoffbyevilphonecompany

                      That doesn't answer the question of WHY t-mobile wouldn't allow a customer to keep a record of their call. A record is needed for exactly the situation I mentioned, and I maintain that t-mobile knows this and that is why they won't consent. If I had been allowed to record the call, I would have legal record of cancellation and would not have had $94 stolen from me. So what is the reason????


                      The question still hasn't been answered at all. You've been no help.

                      • rippedoffbyevilphonecompany

                        Also, I've had enough experience with t-mobile to know that abusing customers credit cards and grossly overcharging IS the norm, and that t-mobile WON'T ever correct it. I've called literally dozens of times and been stonewalled, or outright lied to. Their customer service reps will promise you they've corrected a problem and hang up on you, but won't have done it at all, and there will be no record of the hour you just wasted on the phone. Ridiculously stupid reasons will be given for why "the system doesn't allow" your overcharge to be refunded, etc etc. They just beat you down and waste your life until you give up and accept being victimized. Truly a horrible company in every way. Your public responses of feigned concern do not at all reflect the truly evil nature of this company.

                          • wtssuperpower

                            rippedoffbyevilphonecompany     More than any other thing, what you are communicating is rage and frustration at a level thats ....well,  lets just say its at a pretty high level.   And, you've created an interesting opportunity for discussion regarding a one-sided policy which is summed up fairly well by the "do as I say, not as I do, (or imma hang up on you)" mentality.      And, I know why stevetjr is here. Same as me, he's here for the interesting discussions. But with the added quality of helpfulnessstevetjr  has the sense to cut through the complaining (yours, mine, and his own), and arrive at a way forward.  Such a purpose is just completely utterly incomprehensible to you right now, I suspect because of a feeling your complaints have not been taken seriously, have not been validated, or even acknowledged. 

                            Even still,   this should not be pushing you outside of the bounds of reason, should it?   I am sure that in your day to day interactions you may be trusted to to conduct yourself with civility, reason and restraint,  and that you may even do this with a high degree of competence, and skill.  I do hope that you will remember yourself, and bring that to bear upon interaction here.


                            We come here to engage one another, to lend assistance by our experience as T-mobile customers to other T-mobile customers, and generally have a pretty great time.


                            I hope you'll come down out of your tree and maybe join us?



                        • tmo_lauren

                          rippedoffbyevilphonecompany I'm going to come out of the gates letting you know we need you to be more respectful of other users here on the Support site. It's important to us to maintain a forum where you are free to voice your anger and concerns freely and publicly, that said, there's a line when it comes to harassment of users.


                          For some clarity, as with most forums, most of the support here is shared on a peer to peer basis by fine folks such as Steve and wtssup who volunteer their time to assist others. By coming to this site, you are participating in a peer to peer forum and open to non employee opinions and information. Employees will be marked with a tmo_ and will be denoted as employees in their profile, and if you have additional questions you can review our Community Guidelines here- T-Mobile Support Community Usage Guidelines If you prefer to speak one on one with am employee, you can find our contact options here- Contact Us


                          As for the recording, we record for quality and training purposes, not for disputes and do not record all calls. Because we don't record all calls (there are a lot of calls, and that's a lot of room) we would often not have a recording of our own to compare a customers with in the event of tampering and there are recorded incidents of customers attempting to alter recordings in their favor.


                          We do offer avenues such as FB and Twitter where interactions will be recorded for those who feel more comfortable with a written record and a record held by both parties.


                          If there is assistance we as employees can help direct you to, we are still more than happy to do so.



                            • rippedoffbyevilphonecompany

                              Thank you for finally answering my question, albeit with a patently ridiculous lie, and after forcing me to ask it over and over again several times. Classic t-mobile.


                              Everything else you said is uninteresting. I'll continue to voice my disgust with t-mobile everywhere, because t-mobile is disgusting.

                                • tmo_lauren

                                  I'm not here to give you fluffy answers or waste your time, the reality is maintaining a database of every single one of the thousands of calls that come in during a day is a logistical nightmare and an insane cost. We don't shy away from avenues of support where our representatives responses are able to be recorded, our Twitter and FB support is available 24 hours a day 365 like wtssup mentioned.


                                  You are free to continue commenting, even if those posts aren't sunshine. Interesting or not, I am going to need you to be kind to other users, and not spam. Outside of that, post away and the community will do their best to assist.





                                • wtssuperpower
                                  We do offer avenues such as FB and Twitter where interactions will be recorded for those who feel more comfortable with a written record and a record held by both parties.

                                  This ^^^^^    @tmo_lauren.... !!   You're a genius! 


                                  The ability for a customer to keep record of interaction with T-Mobile representatives does, in fact, exist.  It just does not exist in the more traditional format of recorded phone conversations.    In both interactions with T-Force on social media (Facebook, and Twitter),  and in the chat support format,  customers are absolutely free to print out these records and refer to them for a log of actions taken, representatives spoken with, promises made... all of it.   And, I know how valuable these records are to me.... I absolutely rely upon them to save time communicating issues, to the degree that the occasion where I find myself pulling my hair out over the next transfer, and next requirement to re-explain the situation again.....   that occasion has been so long ago in memory.   wow.   i just realized that.... and its like a spring breeze. 


                                  T-Force is Highly recommended by more than just me, for more than one reason.  And, if you've got it in you to give it one more try.... and I really think you should.... I mean,  you've taken it this far, right?  What's one more try at it, really?  You can even link them to this discussion (though I miiiight not recommend it.   But, hey,  you could)  so that you don't have to endure revisiting the issue in type again.  You can either follow the Contact Us links provided by both tmo_amanda, tmo_lauren, or stevejr.   Alternately, contact may be established by simply sending a message to T-Mobile on facebook (just like you were sending a message to a friend, you just direct your message to T-Mobile),  their response time is greased lightning fast (3-4 minutes in my experience), and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


                                  And, if you do .....   please for the luvva Pete come back and report your experience. Please. 


                                  Fingers X'ed,  -wtssup