"We couldn't register your selected lines. Please try again later."?


    I am getting this error message when trying to register my DIGITS line on my computer. Both Chrome and Edge give the same result.

    Was really hoping this feature would just work.


    Also, getting this error in an area with poor network coverage. "Mobile network not available"

    Is this the point of DIGITS? That it would use my wifi network when I don't have coverage?


    This is frustrating and I'm only 3 days in with T-Mobile.DIGITST-Mobile Support

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      • debjitjdv

        Hi romaink


        Troubleshooting steps:


        1. Have you tried to login https://mydigits.t-mobile.com/consumer  and enabled DIGITS for the all the lines that you want to use? Those lines should be enlisted under "DIGITS I can use"
        2. If Step 1 is something you have already done lets move to Step 2. Looks like you are using DIGITS web client via some sort of browser. This error message pops up when you DO NOT GRANT location permission to the DIGITS web app. For DIGITS to work Location permission is necessary for E911. Can you make sure that you have granted location permission to DIGITS web app?
        3. If you are using DIGITS PC app and you got the error, then you need to allow location permission in your Microsoft Edge browser as DIGITS consider that as the system browser and looks for the location permission
        4. If you have done all of the above steps yet you see the same error then its time for the backend engineers to look at your problem. I am tagging Chris tmo_chris who can gather some of your personal info and file a bug ticket for you,

        Please keep us posted about the outcome.

          • romaink

            debjitjdv thanks for your prompt response.


            I have tried steps 1 & 2 above for the web browser, allowed access to my location data, and get the same error.

            I downloaded the app on another PC and was able to get it working.


            However, I would like to get it working in the browser on the original PC, but want to avoid the app, as this is a shared device.


            Also, any suggestions on the second issue?
            "Also, getting this error in an area with poor network coverage. "Mobile network not available"

            Is this the point of DIGITS? That it would use my wifi network when I don't have coverage?"



              • debjitjdv



                Ahh thats a partial relief. Now I would say using the app is better as it does not store the login pass word but the browser can. Now if you still prefer using the browser in your original shared PC, I would start with the Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge has a weird way of allowing location permission and your error message is exactly the message that one would see for this location permission.


                Can you try in Google Chrome and / or in Firefox? Their location permission is easier to access. Make sure you make Chrome / Firefox default browser as DIGITS have a tendency to check the location permission for the default browser.


                Now with your second issue, the point of DIGITS is keeping you connected no matter what as long as you are in a connected device (evn via wifi) and definitely this is not serving the purpose in your case. I have a hunch for it: lets try:

                1. In your mobile Siwtch On Airplane Mode. This will switch off any Radio of your mobile including mobile connection, wifi and bluetooth
                2. Then switch on just wifi.
                3. Then try to re-register and use DIGITS from the app

                This ideally should solve your problem and make yo able to access your calls and texts over wifi. Ideally when you are connected to mobile network, DIGITS is trying to route everything over LTE but due to poor connectivity. Hence we are going to make DIGITS app fool and let it think that WIFI is the only DATA gateway so that it routes everything over wifi. Basically we will emulate a tablet out of your mobile device. Does it make sense? Please keep me posted.

            • tmo_evan



              What type of plan are you on for your T-Mobile account?  There may be an issue there, could you let us know and we can take a look!


              Sorry that you're having and I'm thinking that knowing this might help out.