Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems Since Release of The S8


    Is there anyone else out there that is experiencing many problems on your Galaxy S5 since the release of the new S8? My wife and I have been experiencing so many problems! Her phone won't multi task, both phones constantly move our apps from our sd card back to the phone maxing out the memory. It will take me almost an hour to move them back over and this happens at least twice a month. Phone batteries are draining so fast my phone is near 30% when I am done showering in the morning. I have spoke to multiple Tmobile reps and they all act like well that's just what happens to the old phones because the updates render them useless! I have an idea to send updates to my phone that will break it! It's not that hard. This shouldn't be my problem but it is. I have paid good money for my phones over $800. I should get more than 2 years out of it. But everyone acts like why would you want to? Because I am not made out of money. People don't replace their labtops that fast and in many cases they are cheaper than our phones these days. I have done over 6 handset replacements between the two lines. Listen TMobile as customers since 2003 if you break our phones from your update than you should handset replace them with comparable phones that aren't broke from the update. I would be happy to have them replaced with Samsung S6's or even 7's I don't have to have the latest greatest phone. But I won't one that works appropriately! Last but not least, as a customer of Tmobile for 14 years why I am paying the same thing a new customer is paying, with no perks? I should be grandfathered into a mac daddy plan that make new Tmobile customers foam at the mouth and say I am going to be a 14 year customer so that I can get that plan. Instead the plans say the newcustomers get same rate and all the added perks for adding new lines like BOGO S8's and the 14 year customer can go shove his s5 up his dead zone area. Listen I have been saying this to Tmobile for years. Set up retention plans!!!!!!!!! Set up plans for long time customers, encourage customers to stay vs leave! If I was a frequent flier on United Airlines who beats their customers, I would get perks. Come on Tmobile they beat their customers and still give them extra perks. Yes focus on the customers but BLOW THE WORLD AWAY by setting your self apart and start offering retention plans for 5, 10 and 15 year customers. If i get a plan from Tmobile for being her for 15years that no one else in the world will give me, you have locked me in for a lifetime!

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        First off, T-Mobile doesn't have anything to do with the updates other than test them, all the programing and such is done by Samsung.  So it's not T-Mobile trying to "break" your phone to get you to buy a new one.  There is a lot of truth in that updates especially bigger OS (ie letter updates like M to N) can have an impact on a phone in both performance but also remove features you had on the previous version.  The drawback to not updating is that your old OS is out of date and also not getting any security updates so if there is an issue in the OS, one you may not even be aware of but they are it won't get fixed without updating.  The drawback of course is you are putting a more complex upgraded OS on a processor and memory configuration that it wasn't necessarily designed for so it is expected that it might slow down a bit. 


        As for the battery drain, 2 things first yes L-ion batteries do lose capacity/duration over time (i.e. they wear out) but usually when you have a significant drain it is a rogue app and after the update to say Nougat from Marshmallow the apps programming may not be the greatest and something in Nougat is causing it to burn processor time and battery.  So I suggest looking at the battery performance and see what app may be burning up more battery time than expected, especially look for something you don't use very often but then has a higher percentage of use than another app.  Second is after any update you should do this Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy S 5 so if you haven't suggest you do.  The last straw of course is do a factory reset, it will reset it to the new OS but clean everything out then add just the apps you need immediately and see if it is the same if not just keep adding and eventually you will find which one is causing issues.  For me on my Galaxy S6e when I upgraded to Nougat from MM it was FB Messenger that started chomping battery even though I rarely used it.


        Last is the promotions, I have been with TMO even longer than you and on this forum for quite some time.  The funny thing is that when TMO (and all the other carriers) had contracts everyone had the exact opposite complaint and that was only the new people/customers got the new deals and the rest of us had to wait until our contract on that line was up.  This way is much better, no you don't get the subsidized phone anymore but trust me you paid for that in the price of your service. But if it had been the old way I wouldn't be on the plan I am on now which is the SC Unlimited everything for $100 which I was on a plan paying more for less when that promotion came out and called and a few minutes later I had that one and was saving money and had a better plan.  So just like most things in life there are positives and negatives in everything and you just look for what has more positives. So in this case trading away phone subsidies which really you were paying for just in service price you get flexibility to get what ever the current promotion is and better pricing to boot.