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Defect in Digits when deleting message


    Hi Everyone,



    Unfortunately, I too, am having issues with deleting messages. Additionally, text message notifications do not disappear from the device (watch), once the text has been opened.


    Specs: Gear S3 Frontier (LTE Version). Running Digits since the Beta version from the date of purchase (Dec 2016).

    Scenario: 62 SMS/Text Message Notifications appear on Gear.

    Action: Went through each msg and opened it. I even choose the reply option on some and then backed out to see if that would make a difference.
    Results: All orange indicators are gone from the individual text messages, but the 62 count notifications are still there. Each time I reboot my Gear, all of those text messages previous read are reassigned with an orange (unread) notifier, and I have to go through the process all over again.


    Scenario: SMS/MMS messages will not delete from the Gear S3.
    Action: Select the desired text, on some texts I've chosen "select all" and delete.

    Results: Gear reports "Deleted" with a check mark, but the messages remain. Nothing is deleted :/


    As far as I am aware my software for the Gear S3 are up-to-date. Please help