Wifi Calling on S6 Edge after Nougat


    Hello there guys. Brand new to T-Mobile, and I am having a bit of an issue.


    I just got my Galaxy S6 Edge from Sprint unlocked, and switched to T-Mobile. No problem, works great everywhere....


    .....except my house....literally. Everywhere BUT my house.


    Not really sure I want to buy a CellSpot right now, because I'm the only one with T-Mobile right now (Wife still is on Sprint, room mate is on Boost.)


    So of course, I decided to look into WiFi Calling...and alas, its not in my phone. At all.


    I've gone under Settings -> Connections, -> MOre Connections


    I've gone under Wifi, i've gone under the settings under the phone, and its literally nowhere to be found.


    Any ideas where I can find it? Or how I can turn it on?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Wifi Calling on S6 Edge after Nougat

        Hey jolesen86,


        Welcome to team Magenta! Having coverage in your home is probably one of the most important aspects of having wireless service! I mean, this is where you live and you spend most your time there. One of our Cellspots is going to be your best bet if you have high-speed internet in your home. The good news is the only thing you have to pay for when it comes to a Cell Spot is a fully refundable $25 deposit. You just have to send it back to us if you cancel or if you don't need it anymore and you won’t have to pay for it and we will send you that deposit back (with interest if your state requires it ). 

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Wifi Calling on S6 Edge after Nougat

          Welcome, jolesen86! We're stoked to have you... but bummed you're not getting great signal at home. WiFi calling would be a great solution, but (with a very small number of exceptions) even if you could hunt down a setting, it won't work without T-Mobile software on your phone. In that regard, Chris is totally right -- a CellSpot would be a great solution. Have you had a chance to Contact Us to get an order placed?


          - Marissa

          • craacken

            Re: Wifi Calling on S6 Edge after Nougat

            Pull down the tab at the top, there's a picture of a phone with lines emitting from it.  Hold down that button until it brings up wi-fi calling.


            Note that there are other threads stating that this is broken, mine seems to force me to restart my phone every time I connect to any wi-fi.